Week In Review

Saturday 6-25 Well Bunny’s birthday trip went okay but on the return we found out that his puppy MiMi busted out of her cage and ran off. Went looking for her but no luck.

Got up to Chrissy & Tony stopping by – had a good visit with them. Then off to lunch at Chic-fil-et (Num nummy) & Wally World to grab a present for one of the cutest kids EVER!!! (Got him a Backyard Safari Tadpole Aquarium) Then ran out to Shining Star’s for the party, that was interesting.

Sunday 6-26 I’m so freaking fed up with lazy people – it’s not even funny. You come into work and sit on your lazy ass and complain because you get calls? Really? That’s our fucking job.

Monday 6-27 Well Ladies Who Lunch was not a total success – we ended up having to go someplace other that Steele St but it was still fun.

Tuesday 6-28 Yay!!! Bunny got another job. I’m so very happy for him. This means that our lives will start to get a little better.

Wednesday 6-29 Boo – I gotta go to Virginia today – not looking forward to this trip, but will post it anyway. LOL.

Okay now that was a long drive – tedious really. But I made it safely. (see other post for deets on the trip)

Thursday 6-30 Ugh – I don’t know how I got up tonight to come back in but I did.

Friday 7-1 Was going to go out with Cathy for dinner but I totally overslept. BOOOOOO!!!! Oh man – I feel punch drunk – truly I do. I need to curl up and sleep for a week. But the good news is – last night in VA. I get to go home in the morning!!!

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