Week In Review

Saturday 7-16 Home & drama – really? I’m tired of all of it. Just let me go to sleep in peace and wake up when I get around to it. I just don’t understand what everyone’s big bitch is. Triplets – take care of the granny, troll – get ran over please, Rents – get home and take a day to yourselves, Bunny – pick a different name then, everyone else – peace out.

Sunday 7-17 Yay!!! I got to sleep and sleep and sleep & feel so much better today & the Rents are home safe (along with FF, DS, & Lucas!!)

So very happy to back at work – need the “normalcy” to resume, but Goddess I want a “Marga-daiquiri-screw aloda-on-the-beach” now.

Monday 7-18 Met Jinx for coffee & chat – had a wonderful time laughing and getting to know each other better. I can honestly see that friendship blossoming. Village Coffee House is becoming a nifty place to hang out, right around the corner from work & just down the street from her.

Home to a lecture about sleeping (oh well I enjoyed myself) & here keep LL for a few mins while everyone runs all over the place. He was so cute – went over to Grandma Great’s house and he was a precious love, gave her a hug and kiss then said I’m sorry about Grandpa Great. Then we went to my Lamp & he snuggled in my bed and wanted to watch a movie (cause “it’s cool aunt wii – you got the TV in your bedroom”) but his momma came home. So I told him one day, he needs to ask his momma and if she says its okay he can come hang out and we’ll watch a movie.

Tuesday 7-19 *giggle* Well I don’t think I’ll be going back to the book store any time soon. I spent way too much money, BUT I did get a couple of books I’ve been wanting & picked up Daddy-O an audio he didn’t have. Then it was BWW for lunch – I love love love that place – I could eat there a couple days a week I swear I could (side note: do I have sympathetic listener tattooed on my forehead?). Cuck met me/stalked me there and just about talked my ear off, but that’s what friends are for right? He kept going on and on about his holder and how it’s not fair that she’s down there & he’s up here & what can he say about his special abilities.

Wednesday 7-20 Cuck started calling/texting again – evi his holder is spazzing because she might be preggers with someone elses baby and he’s having issues. Hmmm, really. That’s called cheating if you aren’t her true cuckold.

Thursday 7-21 Did some blog clean up when the book started moving slow and it was dragging, but I finally got through it.

Friday 7-22 Well Cuck visited again – surprise surprise.

Coffee with Jinx again this morning! Yay! Can’t wait.

Well today was a full day of fun fun fun - met Jinx for coffee, then took myself to lunch @ yep you guessed it BWW (I'm addicted to wings let me tell you), then grocery store & then Lamp. Where I took a long and wonderful soak in a cool bath tub, reading Laurell K Hamilton's latest offering Hitlist, then it was time to dress for my date with BUNNY. (should have taken a picture but I forgot) I did hair & make - dressed in my cute little red dress and viola - was ready to go.

We went to 4th Friday in downtown Fayetteville (got there after almost all of the events had shut down but it was still fun). Met Jinx, Bones & the wonderful Allie down to show them that Fayettenam can have a fun side without spending a ton of money - Allie & Bones loved the drumming session FYI. And we ran into Bear & Bean - lol - OMG I miss working with her.

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