8-13 to 8-19 then VACATION!!

Saturday 8-13 OMG getting up at 4:30a to pile in the car to drive to the beach. Good news – I ain’t driving. See this post on the weekend for all the deets. LOL.
  • Sideways ~ Dierks Bentley
  • Black shorts & Blue T
  • Sanitary for Steak & Shrimp
  • What’s A Ghoul To Do ~ Victoria Laurie

Sunday 8-14 See the post on the weekend for all the deets. LOL. So it’s back to work for the next 5 nights then vacation time!!! Wahoo!!

Well got in today & go the news that COQ is evidently suspended due to her call outs. Uhm – time off – isn’t that why she’s been calling out? Oh well, not my prob. I’m actually fairly happy to be back at work. Gonna knock out the next 5 days & then be on my way for vacation time.
  • Knee Deep ~ Zac Brown Band
  • Black shorts & T with Umbrella for beach trip, Black Sundress for trip back, Black button front tunic with leggings for work
  • Cracker Barrel for Chicken Strips & sides used Chicken Strips for salad at work
  • What’s A Ghoul To Do ~ Victoria Laurie

Monday 8-15 well today was relatively mild, I mean I was exhausted from the weekend but no major issues to report. I’m planning on sleeping all day. Well after I talk with BF. I decided that we need to discuss how I truly feel about this past weekend. Oh and Lucas starts school today! Hopefully it turns out to be a pleasant day.

Well the talk with BF went eh I guess you could say. According to him – he wasn’t aware of how negative he was being, but I’m not sure I believe that 100%. I think it is more along the lines of oops I didn’t realize I crossed a line. But he did promise to try harder.
  • Sucks To Be You ~ Danielle Peck
  • Black slacks/grey black white tank/shrug
  • Spaghetti
  • Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban

Tuesday 8-16 I’m up and dressed and at work – what more do you want. Okay this is gonna be a short weekly review LOL because I don’t have much to say really. Got an extra hour all by myself today. That was decent.
  • Summertime ~ Kenny Chesney
  • Black stretchy & pink cami
  • Stew Beef & Rice
  • Nada – work project

Wednesday 8-17 Oh wow – over slept major – I have a “hangover” feeling.
  • The Lazy Song ~ Bruno Mars
  • Black slacks & grey shirt
  • Tacos
  • Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Thursday 8-18 Well I got bored this morning at work so instead of hanging around on my break – I got off my ass & went to the store. Well let me tell you I’m happy that I did – but I spend too much when I’m bored. Got a new bath gel & body lotion (coconut) – smells nummy nummy. Couldn’t wait to get home today & use it. Got to spend some time with a very smelly bunny – he went some where & came home smelling like an ashtray.

  • Walking On Air ~ Kerli
  • Black tank & black stretchy
  • Chicken & Pastry
  • Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Friday 8-19 My Vacation starts today!! And I have a birthday party to go to. But before the fun stuff I gotta get through the night & the morning. Going to get some of Frog’s stuff and trash it – then home to start my vacation. Not sure if I’m gonna do daily updates or just wait until the week is out. We’ll see.
  • Dirt Road ~ Jason Aldean
  • Something fun & flirty
  • Cook out at Pete & Nina’s for Ellynn’s Birthday
  • Not sure yet - LOL

Until next week (or maybe the one after that *giggle*)

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