Birthday Rituals & Ideas

A wish made on your birthday has an extra chance of coming true ~ On your birthday, you can make a wish on yourself. Cross your legs or ankles, cross your arms, and cross two fingers on each hand. Silently say: 'I am. On this day of my birth I wish ...' Then make a good wish.

Within the first month of a newborn's birth, make a wish for his or her happiness, health, and long life. Cross two of your fingers and lightly touch the baby on the forehead as you make the wish. Wishes made within the first twenty-four hours of the baby's birthday are the strongest.

Rather than putting candles on the cake - invite the guests to each bring a candle into which they have carved their name and their wish for the birthday girl or boy. Set the candles up around the cake and instead of blowing out the candles the birthday person lights them as everyone sings 'Happy Birthday'. Keep the candles burning through out the party to bring everyone's good wishes into the birthday person's life.

Birthday Ritual
Items Needed:
Black candle
White candle
Candle in the color of your astrological sign
Banishing oil
Good luck oil
Piece of paper

Cast the circle.
Anoint the black candle with banishing oil, visualizing all obstacles, bad habits, etc. falling away from you. Light the candle and say:

This candle shall absorb
All negative forces acting around me and through me.
As this candle burns,
It engulfs all negative energies,
Clearing this next year for success.

Anoint the white candle with good luck oil, visualizing all good thoughts, success, and positive forces flocking to you. Light the candle and say:

This candle shall attract
All positive forces to act around me and through me.
As this candle burns,
It purifies my mind, soul, heart and body,
As I prepare for this next year.

Light the astrological candle, and say:

As this candle represents myself,
It is a beacon for positive energies,
Love, light, and prosperity.
As this candle burns bright,
The light of my journey will burn bright
With happiness and gifts
From the Lord and Lady in this coming year.

Place 'your' candle between the white and black ones. Reflect on your past year's regrets, flaws you have, mistakes you have made. Write these down on a piece of paper.

Burn the paper over the black candle, and say:

As the snake sheds its skin,
So do I shed these ill things.

Drop the paper in the cauldron. Reflect on the things you wish to accomplish in your coming year, all traits you wish to acquire, experiences you hope to gain. Write these down on a piece of paper.

Burn it over the white candle, and say:

As the Lord and Lady watch over me, So shall I gain all these good things

Drop the paper in the cauldron.

Anoint your feet with blessed water, saying:

Blessed be my feet, that I may ever walk in Your ways.

Anoint your chest, saying:

Blessed be my breast, that I may feel Your love for me.

Anoint your lips, saying:

Blessed be my lips, that I may speak and honor the truth.

Anoint your eyes, saying:

Blessed be my eyes, that I may clearly see the path before me.

Anoint your hands, saying:

Blessed be my hands, that I may do Your work with strength and skill.

Cakes and ale.
Close the circle

Ongoing Birthday Ritual
To be done alone - perhaps the morning of your birthday!

# of items for marker - This should be something like a crystal, jewerly charm, etc that will with stand the test of time. The number is your age + 1.
6 tealight candles - one for each point of the pentagram. The colour of the candle and how you bless it will depend on your wish for each point.
The center candle is a general wish for the upcoming year.
The top point represents what you wish to receive spiritually this year.
The right side point represents what you wish to receive on a material level.
The left side point represents what you pledge to give on a material level.
The right bottom point represents where you wish your path to lead.
The left bottom point represents what you pledge to leave behind you as you go.
6 crystals - to be used as offerings for your wishes

Take the time to plan each wish and each candle carefully. For each individual candle, I choose a specific God/Goddess and select 3 herbs, an oil, and a very small crystal appropriate to that particular God/Goddess as well as a petition to say for each one. By using tealight candles for this ritual, the candles can be popped out of their foil container and a pinch of each herb plus the crystal are placed beneath in the foil, the candle is anointed with oil and then returned to the foil. When done this way, the flame gives an extra burst of energy right before it goes out. This part can be personalized however you choose to express your wishes. The type of candle you use and what elements you wish to use for each point is entirely up to you.

Use your markers to form the outline of the pentagram - set the markers out with the top point facing north, left is to the east and right is to the west in invoking direct--start at top to right bottom point to left side point to right side point to left bottom point and then back to top. Once you have laid out the markers, place you candles, petitions, offerings at the points.

Cleanse yourself and your area
Cast Circle
Call the directions
Call upon the God/Goddess for their blessings in your own preferred fashion.
Light the candles, staring with the center candle, then the top, the right side, the left side, the right bottom and the left bottom. As you light each candle, state your wish.
Allow candle to burn completely (Candles should burn entirely on your birthday so make sure to start early and use smaller candles--not for 7 day candles).
Close the ritual and allow the candles to remain burning.
Once the candles have burnt out, retain the markers for next year and toss the crystals into a river.

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