Week in Review 8-20 to 8-26

Saturday 8-20 I don’t remember drinking to excess but for the life of me I can not think of what I did on Saturday.
  • Airplanes ~ BoB
  • I don’t remember lol

Sunday 8-21Went shopping with my sister at Lane Bryants.

I seriously need to get back into this mindset, but I did get a new outfit and some jammies. My dad is truly the bestest!!
  • My Kinda Party ~ Jason Aldean
  • I don’t remember lol
  • Chick Fil Et

Monday 8-22 Went to BWW, then to Kohl’s for purse shopping (I got a Dana Buchman Reese Satchel Bag in black), then couple of furniture stores (mom loves the back deck so much she wants to clean out the living room so she can get to the door), and Catherine’s for mom a new outfit.
  • This I Gotta See ~ Jason Aldean
  • I don’t remember lol
  • BWW for wings!!

Tuesday 8-23 Up early again today so we can head to Sanford for the day. Got my hair done – brownish with blonde blonde highlights. Then we headed off to Cary to eat lunch & do some shopping – went to World Market & the Whole Food Market – then back to Sanford to watch The Help. That was a really good movie.
  • What Was I Thinking ~ Dierks Bentley
  • I don’t remember lol
  • Sweet Tomatoes salad
  • Book

Wednesday 8-24 Woke up early so I can play Driving Miss Daisy to the beach to pick up curtains. LOL. I got to drive all freaking day long – yay me. The Cuz ended up getting sick so I had to find my way around a strange city with the help of the boys. That was cool. Then it was drive straight home.
  • Take A Back Road ~ Rodney Atkins
  • Sleeveless Grey Leopard Tank/Capris
  • Taco Bell

Thursday 8-25 Got up later than I expected today, but hey it’s my birthday so I’m entitled. Well when I got up Bunny was saying oh I thought you would have slept longer, but I’m up, so I head to the Big House to visit with the fam.
Well I was down there for a bit & then Mom asked BF to make a dump run so he asked me to go with – I said “as long as we aren’t going any where else fine, but I’m not wearing a bra” Get on the road and after we are done bouncing around the dump (getting lost) he goes hey let’s visit my mom & then got pissy cause I said hey dude I’m not wearing a bra. So reluctantly he takes me home to change (ran down to the Big House & my mom gave me my present – A Kindle), then it’s back out to visit his mom, then over to the Halloween store where he buys himself a couple of items, then Mi Casita’s for dinner with the fam (Lucas was soooo cute he sat beside me & unwrapped my present (cover & a book light for my Kindle for me) – had a good time but when dinner got almost done Lucas (mom & Theresa) started asking if we were coming back to the house. So even though he was pissy & pouty – we went back to the house where Surprise – Lucas (with his mommy’s help) had made me a spooky birthday cake with zombies & pumpkins & blue Scooby Do monsters – they hid and yelled surprise when I came in. It made me cry.

Then after cake – BF & I headed back out. Dollar movies here we come. Yay! Got to see Thor & played some games at Fun Fun Fun. Then home to sleep.
  • Happy Birthday To Me
  • LBD/flats
  • Steak Fajita Wrap
  • Wild Knights ~ Tawny

Friday 8-26 So any ways – my birthday (on the part of BF) sucked ass. So I decided that I’m spending the day in bed today. I deserve it.

Hurricane Irene is supposed to be in some time today/tomorrow so I’m gonna chill at the house.
  • Mean ~ Taylor Swift
  • Jammies
  • Ribs & Taters

Until next week.

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