Pagan Pride Weekend

Yay!! It's Pagan Pride Weekend & I'm so super excited. Bunny & I came up last night. He got us a reservation at the Velvet Cloak Inn a perfectly lovely little boutique Inn and I just loved it (& him for doing this for me).

We got to Raleigh too late to go to the Museum so we went straight to the hotel and got checked in.

Nightshade on the bed & The Hotel Courtyard

(NightShade attended Pagan Pride Day & a Handfasting later that night)

That night we wanted something different and unusual so we looked in the area magazine provided by the hotel & decided on Tir Na Nog which fit the bill entirely. Different & unusual & turned out to be YUMMY!!!!
There was live music Irish style and attentive wait staff. Everything I could have wished for. I'm very glad that Bunny picked it out.

We went to bed kinda early Friday night cause we knew that we wanted an early start for today and boy in how did we get an early start. LOL. Up & out of the hotel by 7, got a recommendation for breakfast from the Front Desk Clerk and headed out into Raleigh. Found the restuarant after passing it 3 times. Then it was how to get back to the fairgrounds from Down Town Raleigh when half of the streets that we needed to travel are blocked off for the Sparks festival, but we did it, even if we did go sight seeing (aka we got lost lol).
And then we located The Central Carolina Pagan Pride at the NC State Fairgrounds. Admission is one item of food per person for the food bank. Bunny & me took a couple bags of food stuff up. It's for a good cause after all.

We got to the park way early so after finding a place to park we headed inside the fence and during the course of wandering around found several people that either I know or that he knows. LOL. It was like a really weird family reunion. Since we were already there we helped set up a couple of the booths. After the gate officially opened we headed back out to grab our food stuff and the girl at the front gate was like hey haven't you two been helping set up so we said yeah and she says well then you get in "free" but I wouldn't accept it, and we dumped our food donations into the box & got our pretty star bracelets then headed on in (again). I had NightShade riding in my Best Witches back pack on my back. I should have gotten a picture *giggle* but I didn't think about it in time.

11am - 11:30am - Opening Ritual - The Fruitcakes
11:45am - 12:30pm - Workshop Group 1
11:45am - 12:45pm - Act 1: Mermaid Morrigan
12:45pm - 1:30pm - Workshop Group 2
12:45pm - 1:45pm - Act 2: The Blibbering Humdingers
1:45pm - 2:45pm - Auction
3pm - 3:45pm - Workshop Group 3
3pm - 5pm - Act 3: Airtite Alibi
4pm - 5:15 pm - Workshop Group 4
5:15pm - 5:30pm - Children's Parade
5:30pm - 6pm - Raffle
6pm - 6:30 - Evening Ceremony - The Temple of the Spiral Path

A bunch of friends showed up just before the opening ritual, we (Bunny, NS, & myself) joined in the opening ritual which was truly amazing. The circle cast was really different & so was the quarter calls. I just adore the Fruicakes, they are so much more fun than most groups. My friends did not participate much to my sorrow, I think going to something like this is made more fun by what you do while you are there. After the ritual we went strolling around the vendors. Several tents were not quiet ready on our first pass and lots of people commented on my ears & of course NightShade. We picked up lots of goodies ranging from the 2012 Witch's Day Book to a drinking horn to a Wicked Witch wine glass and much much more. For lunch we grabbed a burger & fries and afterwards continued on our journey around the fairgrounds. I would have loved to pick up some of the clothes that they had there but they didn't have a size that would fit. I think my favorite was
Once you go Witch you'll never switch
Oh well maybe next year. It is always possible, right?

There were a couple of downers throughout the day
  • It was drizzly rainy all day
  • the ground was almost a quicksand sucky pully version of red clay
  • interpersonal relationship communication &
  • we had to leave early to get to the Handfasting.

All in all it was a wonderful day spent with my Bunny.

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