Week In Review

Saturday -17

Got up early, got dressed and headed out of the hotel. Went to Cafe Carolina for breakfast. Headed to the fairgrounds in a round about manor. Pagan Pride Day (see post), Handfasting (see post) and the Bunny & I went out to dinner at Aspen Creek. It was truly wonderful & enjoyed wearing my cat ears all day.
  • The Itch ~ Vitamin C
  • Black long pants, flips, shrug, cat ears, NightShade/Neon pink cami, back pack
  • See Facebook lol
  • Bone Crossed ~ Patricia Briggs

Sunday 9-18

Well today was supposed to be another day of fun & games - went to the RenFaire with Bunny, further info on post, but it was not a good day. I spent the afternoon & evening crying. I just do not understand why everyone can't get along. I really don't. I'm tired of feeling trapped in the middle of everyone & eventually I'm goin to loose my connection to myself.
  • The Scotchman
  • Blue Jeans/Black & Grey striped shirt/Cat ears
  • Packed Bento: Chicken Over Mushroom Caps & Broccoli
  • Did not read today

Monday 9-19

Yay!! It's talk like a pirate day! I changed my facebook to pirate speak in honor of the day. Of course I couldn't talk like a pirate at work, but once I got off - - -
The night passed fairly quickly but I was late getting off work because people do not know how to wake up in time. Blah I'm fed up with this shite! Off work and wrapped up mom's errands in a jiffy. Badda bing - free pen just by asking & a refill on the way, then returned the mismatched curtain & picked up the missing candy. Stopped by the grocery store long enough to pick up some veggies for the week. Gonna start actually following a menu plan. Check in with mom of a morning & see what she's having then arrange my meals around that.

  • The Babysitters A Vampire ~ Fred Figglehorn
  • Black capris & long shirt with flips & ears
  • Bento: Shrimp Scampi(ish), mixed veggies, crab "sushi" roll, strawberries
  • Bone Crossed ~ Patricia Briggs

Tuesday 9-20

Got together with Jinx for coffee & chit chat this morning. Seems her Bones has gone over the deep end and is suffering from Neanderthalism, even worse than Bunny and speaking of Bunny, he bought me a new bunny today. So cute. Little brown stuffed critter with a voice box.

  • Do You Believe Me Now ~ Jimmy Wayne
  • Outfit
  • Bento/Meal
  • Book

Wednesday 9-21

Off work and taking Momma to the grocery store & then hitting the sack. I'm tired.

But before I can go to sleep I need to set up the crock pot - Chicken Gunk it is - little disturbing to the sense of sight but OH SO FRICKING YUMMY!
  • Waiting On A Woman ~ Jeff Dunham
  • Grey slacks/black zipper tee
  • Chicken Gunk
  • Infernal Device #1

Thursday 9-22

Bunny bought the newest Jeff Dunham DVD so I brought it to work to watch tonight. Wahoo!! I love PEANUT! OMG I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. LOL.

And Mom & Dad headed out to go to the Samboree - James & I took the weekend off last weekend so the rest of the fam is taking off this weekend for camping & fun. Not sure what we are going to do for Halloween weekend, guess we will figure it out.

John checked out my car today to rebalanced the tires and found out that some stupid joint thingy broke. Now my car is out of commission until it gets repaired. Luckily for me Bunny loves me bunches and will be able to bring to work tonight & pick me up in the morning.
  • September ~ Sisqo
  • Black stretch & shrug/Blue ruffle tank
  • Beef & Broccoli (bento but not listed because it has become one of those again things lol)
  • Silver Borne ~ Patricia Briggs

Friday 9-23

Well my plan for the day, go home (courtesy of Bunny), get GM head to the Doctor's office in GP's car, then back home, switch to the van to take AY to the store, then back home for a small solitary rite, then off to 4th Friday with the Bunny - dinner will either be at Lido's or Blue Moon.
  • Do You Believe Me Now ~ Jimmy Wayne (I think my iPod is broken there are 200+ songs & this one keeps playing)
  • B&W dress/black shrug & stacks

  • Blood Game ~ Iris Johansen

Until next week.

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