Movie:Drive Angry

Director: Patrick Lussier

Actors: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner

MPAA rating: R

Running time: 104 mins

Tagline: All Hell breaks loose

John Milton is up against the clock: Jonah King, the leader of a Satanic cult, has murdered Milton's daughter and kidnapped her baby. In three days, King and his followers will sacrifice the child at midnight. Milton picks up the trail in Oklahoma as well as rescuing a waitress named Piper from her brutal, two-timing fiancé. There are odd things about Milton: his driver's license is out of date, he has a very strange gun, and he's being pursued by a man in a suit who carries FBI ID and calls himself the Accountant. Piper, who's lived a life on the sidelines, has to piece things together on the fly as they close in on King.

I picked this movie because it was a Redbox special

What I liked the Most? William Fichtner rocks the straight role of the accountant

What I liked the Least? The fiance

Review: I'll be honest - this was a last ditch rental because I was bored. I wasn't expecting anything good and boy was I wrong. This movie was epic. Yes there is a lot of driving and violence, a decent amount of T&A, cheesy lines and stilled acting but it worked.

Nicholas Cage shines as unhinged, surrealistic escapee from Hell. There is no thinking involved - strap in and enjoy the ride.

Recommended to: Someone who knows a good guilty pleasure beats everything

Best Quote: "Even in Hell there is compassion."

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  1. Heck yeah, I love that movie. Too bad we didn't see it at the cinema, but at least we'Ve got the big projector screen at home. I loved the soundtrack, too. ^^