2011 Wrap Up

I will reduce my amount of credit card debt - Nailed it, I reduced CC debt quiet a bit this year
I will save $1,000 this year - not really
I will collect $50 from Jim for cell phone each month or turn off phone - phone was shut offf
I will collect $50 from Shawn for cell phone each month or turn off phone - he's been paying his bill
I will put together a support system of people to help me stay motivated & accountable - yes & no, still working on it
I will create a reward system for accomplishing my goals - yes & no, still working on it
I will reduce the amount of stress I have - hmmm no
I will start meditating & work up to 10mins twice a week - hmmm no
I will figure out the best way to track my daily habits - hmmm no
I will plan out how to reach my goals/focusing on weekly progress - hmmm no
I will record my measurements and vital statistics once a month - hell no
I will reduce the number of carbs in my diet - some days
I will eliminate most processed carbs - once again some days
I will increase water consumption to 137 ounces daily - did pretty good on this one
I will cook at home 4 nights a week - yay, managed this goal most weeks
I will pack 4 Bentos a week - most weeks
I will plan meals in 2 week intervals - nope
I will grocery shop for healthy meals - yep
I will start doing cardio for 30min intervals 3 times a week - nope
I will start taking 2 classes a week at the gym - nope
I will start using my resistance bands - nope
I will stop complaining about the little things - yep, I got really good at this, maybe too good
I will clean/organize my storage shed - yep, it's all organized, now to get rid of EE's stuff
I will clean the lean too - well Bunny did this one, cause his stuff is in it
I will repack all of Jim's things in plastic totes in the lean too - yep yep
I will start recycling - paper, plastic & glass - nope
I will blog daily gratitude post - for a month
I will read & review one fiction book a week - I think I did okay with this
I will read & review one non-fiction book a week - hehehe I forgot to read a nonfiction book a week
I will read & review one erotic book a month - most months
I will go one day a month/week without my phone - some months yes
I will style my hair at least once a week - yep
I will cut/color my hair at least once a month - nope
I will wear make up 3 times a week - not a snowball chance in hell

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