Book: Diva Runs Out Of Thyme

Krista Davis
Berkley Prime Crime / 2008
Mass Market / 292 Pages
Series Domestic Diva #1

Gracious living can be murder. First in an all-new mystery series— includes delicious recipes and great tips on entertaining!
Few can compete with Natasha Smith when it comes to entertaining, but her childhood rival, Sophie Winston, certainly tries. Natasha may have stolen the spotlight—and Sophie's husband—but Sophie is determined to rob her of the prize for the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown. She just needs the right ingredient.
But Sophie's search for the perfect turkey takes a basting when she stumbles across a corpse. And when the police find her name and photo inside the victim's car, Sophie will have to set her trussing aside to solve the murder—or she'll be serving up prison grub.

I picked this book up because Cruising some of the lists on Good Reads
What I liked the Most? Everything really

What I liked the Least? Natasha – she is an imitation Martha Stewart. There is no one, including Martha, who could know so much about so many different things and if you have time to do all the stuff they suggest, you need to "get a life."

Review: I loved loved loved the freshness of this book. There was a really excellent mystery (with lots of different tangles and twisties), a little bit of romance, some family drama, interesting animal interaction and a yet to be seen but felt ghost. Yes it does have some of the feel of a Cat Who book or others of the ilk, but this book stands on it’s own as a good fun read.

Recommended to: Fans of cute mysteries

Best Quote: I’m not putting one of her tacky wreaths on my door. And I’m not planting topiary in urns, either.

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