Aging Beautifully

Points from the class:
  • Find a position you enjoy looking at yourself
  • Yoga is beneficial to my aging process

What’s the best thing about the age you are now? I have the freedom to be me
And the hardest? Figuring out who I am now

Further exploration:

  1. Write a brief description of yourself at the age you are now. I am a child free wild spirit that is on the path to extreme happiness.
  2. Where are you judging yourself according to what others may think about you? I judge myself based upon outside influence when I’m thinking about my weight & the fact that I do not have children
  3. Do you have a number in your mind of the age when attractiveness ends? Nope – my grandmother is 101 and she is still beautiful.
  4. Are you lying about your age? Why? Nope – I’m very honest about my age.

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