Christmas Song Meme

1. What is your favorite non-religious Christmas song?
Santa Baby ~ Eartha Kitt or Christmas Wrapping ~ The Waitresses

2. What Christmas song always makes you cry?
Mary Did you Know? ~ Kathy Mattea

3. What Christmas song would you like to erase from planet earth because you hate it?
12 Drugs of Christmas ~ it irritates me

4. What Christmas song do you believe has the most profound truths?
This is difficult for me, but possibly I'll Be Home For Christmas

5. Which Christmas song has great words, but you do not like the melody?
Candy Cane Christmas ~ Darrius Rucker

6. Do you know why every entertainer in the business feels the need to create a Christmas CD?
Because they sell & make money

7. What is your favorite religious Christmas song?
Joy to the World (possibly because it is my dad's favorite and he messes it up all the time)

8. Do you prefer bouncy happy Christmas songs or slow thoughtful Christmas songs?
Both - it really depends on the song & the singer

9. What song do you remember loving as a child?
Everything my mom played ~ Christmas music perminated every aspect of life during December

10. Suggest the title of a Christmas song yet to be written.
LOL - mmm - nope cause it wouldn't be nice

11. What is your favorite Christmas CD of all time?
My iPod because it's all mixed up lol

12. What is your favorite Christmas song that came from a movie?
White Christmas!! All the way!!

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