Your Life Speaks To You In A Whisper

Points from the class:
  • I need to learn to listen to myself
  • Inner wisdom comes from stillness
  • Focus on your inner buddy

What's the whisper you've been hearing for a while? You need to make yourself happy first
What will you do about it now? Sleep first and then work on changing myself

Further exploration:

  1. What signals does your life use to lead you toward good decisions? I have not been listening to myself so I do not know
  2. What makes it hard to pay attention to the whispers? The screaming from every one else
    What's distracting you? Mom, Dad, GM, GP, Bunny
  3. Is there anyone in your life who causes you to doubt yourself? See above list
  4. Do you have a "top five problems" list of issues that come up over and over again?
    • Letting my good nature override my intelligence and trying to help those who will not help themselves
    • Clutter over runs my home life
    • Inability to sleep, to shut my brain off
    • Intelligence difference between myself & anyone else nearby
    • Saying yes when I would rather say no

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  1. Sorry I've been so crap at leaving you comments for ages but I just wanted to let you know that I'm still visiting your blog regularly. Love this post and it is so true that we need to be quiet and listen to the wisdom of our true selves.