Book: Karma Babe

Barrie Dolnick
New Age
Penguin / 2005
Quality Paper Back / 224 Pages

With the help of astrological expert Barrie Dolnick, the chick-lit crowd can finally get to know their karma and use it to their advantage. She'll show readers that what happens today depends not only on what they did in their past life (or what they did yesterday), but is also determined by their five planets (the Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto). Readers don't even have to believe in astrology in order to understand and use their karma. Best of all, they'll discover how to shift, shape, and swing their karmic energy to lead them into the life they want to live. With scads of intriguing facts and lots of inspiring info, this smart, fun, and ever-so-practical guide will bring out the KarmaBabe in every woman.

I picked this book up because It looked interesting

What I liked the Most? The ease of looking up information

What I liked the Least? The generalities of the information

Review: I enjoyed the life fun tone of this book. There’s a lot of good information in it & it would make the perfect book for someone new to the study of karma.

Recommended to: Someone wanting a basic understanding of Karma

Best Quote: Do people really get what’s coming to them – does karma really get the bad guys?

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