Book: Sleep Tight

Anne Frasier
Onyx / 2003
Mass Market / 384 Pages

Wake up, little darling. Do you like what you see?

He's looking for the perfect woman. Someone who won't disappoint him, like so many have before. Someone who'll love him. Someone who won't have to die for her mistakes. Give up, little darling. FBI agent Mary Cantrell has been called to Minneapolis to hunt down a killer. It's shaking her to the core, and reviving dreadful memories. Years ago, her best friend was murdered. Now the man convicted of the crime, Gavin Hitchcock, is free -- and Mary's own sister Gillian, a local cop, has befriended him. No one can hear you scream but me. As each clue leads them closer to Hitchcock, Mary and Gillian set themselves up as the perfect target -- and the perfect trap. Unless Mary's own past is blinding her to an unimaginable truth....and plunging her into a waking nightmare.

I picked this book up because because I read Play Dead and promised to read another one of her books

What I liked the Most? The jealousy that Gillian displayed over loosing her best friend

What I liked the Least? The way bitchy Fiona has been turned into a Saint

Review:I am finding that there are books that I crave reading and then there are books I use to fill in between those reads. Unfortunately this book is nothing more than a fill in. It was suspenseful enough, but a bit boring and to be honest – predictable. Now I will give credit and state that the ending of the primary (read new) murders was unexpected, but I figured out the secondary plot line really early in the book.

I enjoyed the fact that it is not overly descriptive – showing the story rather than telling it.

Recommended to: Fans of twisted suspense

Best Quote: “The past has hooks that reach into infinity, into yesterday and today and the future.”

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