Book: To Love A Witch

Debora Geary
Chick Lit - Paranormal
Fireweed / 2011

Jake thought he had a juvenile delinquent witch in need of rescue. Romy couldn't decide if he was a kidnapper, liar, or too good to be true.

Throw in Tattoo Boy, sparking fingers, and a seven-year-old who can see the future, and you have all the makings for a romance.


Well, there's some really great linguine and a duet from West Side Story, too.

I picked this book up because I’m in love with this series – lol

What I liked the Most? The fact that the knight rides a motorcycle

What I liked the Least? My only complaint – it’s WAY!!! to short, okay & I hated the egotistical ass that never made an appearance.

Review: Slight spoilers in the review but it’s revealed in the first 10% of the story.

Take a kid that was thrust into the foster care system & add fire. Romy spent several years incarcerated in juvie for her own natural powers escaping. Add an egotistical ass who feels that only boys should be taught witch craftery and then add 10 plus years to the mix. Now you have an untaught fire witch setting off Witch Sentinel’s Alarm System. And it makes for a truly interesting read. I loved the fact that Romy decided to return to juvie to make a difference with the kids still inside touches me.

Yes this is a fast paced read but oh so worth it. I adored the mix of characters.

This book (while short) is a complete story, with some wonderful characters & I’m seriously hoping that this short will ultimately link into the Modern Witch series, because I would love to see Jolie & Aeveryn become friends.

Recommended to: Fans of paranormal style romantic connections – no sparkly vampires included

Best Quote: “Totally normal”

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