Joy Rising (Again LOL)

What's the one thing you know for sure about joy?
That you find it in the smallest little things as well as the big things

Further exploration:

  1. What would you like to do that you don't have time to do now? I would like to bake and cook.
  2. What would you do if you had infinite time? I would sleep for a week and then I would take time for myself – long long hot bath, then meditation and just follow my joy. Can you begin do it in small ways right away? Yes – I can go to bed earlier
  3. Can you list 50 things that brought you joy today, from the smallest (a breath, a smile) to the biggest (your family, your home)?
    1. The smell of shake & bake chicken
    2. Making fish PB&J for Lucas’ bento
    3. Check those Tarot cards one more time
    4. Internet classes
    5. Facebook friends commenting on status messages
    6. Coffee and cream
    7. Warning: Witch With Attitude
    8. Hot pink jump drive
    9. Tinkerbell

    10. Videos on my phone
    11. Bento Blogging
    12. Family French Toast
    13. Text message chats
    14. Glow bracelets
    15. Broom pens
    16. Charger cords that fit multiple items
    17. Snap
    18. Seeing my friends
    19. Hearing thank you for dinner
    20. Planning future Bento boxes
    21. Cookie cutters
    22. My mom
    23. Farmville
    24. Dark roasted rich coffee
    25. Bento box meals
    26. The color black
    27. NCIS Abby!!!
    28. My Crazy Cousins
    29. Chocolate ice cream
    30. My silver Honda CRV
    31. Rikku

    32. Green Tea
    33. Eve Duncan
    34. Portable DVD player
    35. You laugh at me because I’m different I laugh at you because you’re all the same
    36. Apple Spice & Delight Febreeze
    37. Singing out loud to iPod
    38. Time clock beeps
    39. Taking a lunch nap
    40. Calendar on my HTC Inspire
    41. My Family
    42. Long yoga pants
    43. Reading blogs
    44. Glitter
    45. Making my Christmas list
    46. NCIS – I love love love Gibbs

  4. What can you do to bring joy to someone else today? I made Lucas a Fish bento box

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