You're Responsible for Your Life

Points from the class:
  • Stop negative thinking
  • Find your sentence

Where are you waiting for someone else to create what you long for? I was waiting for my husband (now ex) to return to the man he used to be.

Further exploration:
  1. If the person you admire most advised you about your life, what advice would he or she give? be yourself and move forward
  2. What small thing could you do today to improve:
    your home Create an organizational system
    your job Create a schedule
    your health Create a schedule
    your relationship Sit down & talk with him
  3. What energy are you putting out? What attitude or actions are showing others who you are—is it the person who want to be? I am putting energy into everyone else & portraying myself as being a second class citizen
  4. Where are you giving people power over your life and choices? I give my power to everyone because I do not know how to say no

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