Season 7

Episode 1: Truth or Consequences 9-22-09

In a fundamentalist camp in lawless Somalia, terrorist Saleem Ulman alias McGreedy uses hard-handed torture and truth serum on his sassy captives, Tony, Tim and Ziva. It started when Gibbs allowed Tony and Tim to select a successor for Ziva during the case of stabbed meth drug using murder victim, Sergeant Kevin Wingate. Alas Jethro vetoes their sexy first pick. All team members director actually concentrate on Mossad and terrorist activity, to find out what happened to Ziva, preventing her to contact them.

Quote of the Show:
Psychics, telepathy, or crystal balls?
My Thoughts:

Mark Harmon looks like an avenging angel in this episode in his sniper gear. YUMMY!!! And I loved the standing O ending.

Episode 2: Reunion 9-29-09

Staff sergeant Jeff Ross and civilian youth friends Alan Sandich and Eric Jurel were killed at a bachelor party. Alan's head was shaved posthumously. All three were drunk from spiked champagne. The bachelor party was fake, not the 'all the way' stripper. Ross had a cross-border affair in Korea. The team also examines the reunion boys' past, notably as high-school bullies, picking on present cop Howard Shelly, but he gets killed himself. Ziva is back in the US, hoping to be reinstated.

Quote of the Show:
Eli is all but dead to me. And the closest person I have to a father is accusing me.
My Thoughts:

Gotta love Abby’s “welcome home” rant at Ziva for awhile then ‘fireworks’ and a sign.

Episode 3: The Inside Man 10-6-09

Matt Burns is found fallen to his death from a bridge on a construction site, possibly an accident or not. His blog claims NCIS covered up the murder of US Navy lieutenant Rod Arnett as a car accident on a naval base, because he would expose insider trading from the Pentagon. The blog claimed many other cover-ups, some with serious consequences for his targets. The team finds no proof of an Arnett murder, but indications of a cover-up. SEC's only profit suspect, butcher Will Sutton, has no link with Arnett of the Navy. Metropolitan police detective Sportelli tries to sabotage their investigation. Meanwhile McGee stresses about his own 'routine' lie detector test.

Quote of the Show:
You know, I'd like to have a chat with the people who wrote these instructional manuals. But I don't believe we have a language in common.
My Thoughts:

Gotta love the reference to blogging (even if it was a negative reference) – hehe loving the twisted lie detector tech crushing on Tim, and the twist on Strangers on a Train is wonderful!

Episode 4: Good Cop Bad Cop 10-13-09

Marine staff sergeant Daniel Cryer's nearly consumed corps is fished up off the Tanzanian coast. He was a terrorism infiltrator, reported deserted -rogue according to Mossad- but last seen aboard the missing freighter Damocles. McGee and Abby work out the storm story is a fake, Ducky Daniel was shot. Now the wreck is found, with 18 executed crew corpses. Ziva is interrogated, ironically voluntarily as she wants to formally join NCIS and become an American. Her pa sends agent Mossad officer Malachi Ben-Gidon to prevent that.

Quote of the Show:
You never had a choice. He didn't give you a choice. He raised you to be a ruthless, souless killer.
My Thoughts:

There is such a wealth of back story in this episode, I love the intrinsic details that are in play here. And Ziva’s smile at the end of the episode is priceless.

Episode 5: Code of Conduct 10-20-09

USMC lance corporal Korby, a reputed prankster, is found in his car, staged as a suicide by nitrogen. Autopsy showed he was killed previously by paint thinner, administered while he served in Afghanistan. It turns out his pranks amused some, but caused a 'code red', serious abuse by his own unit. His wife had a lover among them. USMC lance corporal Korby, a reputed prankster, is found in his car, staged as a suicide by nitrogen. Autopsy showed he was killed previously by paint thinner, administered while he served in Afghanistan. It turns out his pranks amused some, but caused a 'code red', serious abuse by his own unit. His wife had a lover among them.

Quote of the Show:
That’s an eternity to a pretty little party girl like you.
My Thoughts:

This was a wonderful Halloween episode! I loved the murder – it was so twisted and decidedly Halloweenish!

Episode 6: Outlaws and In-Laws 11-3-09

Ducky suspects everything was staged, with forensic expertise, when retired NCIS agent Mike Franks's boat, still registered in donor Gibbs's name, hits a Navy ship, carrying the corpses of dishonorably discharged crooks Roy Keenan, US Army, and US Navy lieutenant Calvin Thomas Blanchard. They asked for Franks at his Mexican home, but no connections between them and Franks are known. The two met when in retired Colonel Merton Bell's PMC ('private military company'), the largest in Iraq. Franks turns up as well as his family's Iraqi matriarch.

Quote of the Show:
Vance: What are we going to hold her on, Mike? She hasn't comitted a crime?
Mike: Conspiracy to be a bitch?
My Thoughts:

Wahoo! My hottie Damon is back with a vengeance. He is so smoking hot. Ok now that I got that out of my system, I enjoyed the visit with Mike’s family.

Episode 7: Endgame 11-10-09

Jogging military jocks find the corps of civilian MD Elan Cirreux, expertly shot twice to cause and stop torturous, fatal bleeding. The director recognizes the trade mark MO of his 20 years Nemesis, lethal North Korean agent Lee Wuan Kai. It soon turns out she targets not (just?) his family, but also the Washinton representative of her own government, which she has turned on and vice versa.

Quote of the Show:
You chase somebody for almost 20 years, you start to think like them. In someways, I know Kai better than I know myself.
My Thoughts:

I’ve been enjoying these little trips to everyone’s past, but I didn’t really care for this episode. It could be because I do not really like Vance.

Episode 8: Power Down 11-17-09

A major power cut spreads over the Tri-state area. NCIS is only one of many facilities affected, so Gibbs's pre-computer methods prove useful again for once, Mcgee and Abby are near nervous break-down. The purpose was to allow a break-in in a 'servers farm' by a gang. But did it include a killed Navy entertainment lieutenant, or was she part of a robbery where nothing was stolen? The answer requires atypically slowly proceeding forensincs as well as a surprising third-party intervention.

Quote of the Show:
I’ll get some corpses.
My Thoughts:

This has got to be one of my favorite episodes; I love the fact that good old fashioned police work solves a very modern crime.

Episode 9: Child’s Play 11-24-09

Children playing in a corn field find the corps of marine lance corporal Losado, killed hours before. He has a laser-deleted PC street gang tattoo re-carved and misses a hand. He was a bodyguard at the Sattler institute's director Gregg Norvell's project with highly gifted kids. Angela Kelp (12) was his personal friend. Her room and art play a part in the theft of military secrets. The team freezes their Thanksgiving plans to investigate PC member Eddie Castillo, who resented Loasada's 'desertion', Sattler staff and family.

Quote of the Show:
People emote more sympathy when it's an accident. You're searching. Curious.
My Thoughts:

I love episodes that feature kids. The ones that show up on this show are either massively smart or snarky – Angela is both and it works. *Giggle* And I’m loving Tony’s mixed up movie references.

Episode 10: Faith 12-15-09

Kids illegally hacking a Christmas tree find USMC lieutenant Thom Ellis, frozen and skull smashed bizarrely, on a Muslim prayer mat. Although his father, retired marines colonel George Ellis, became a protestant reverend, Thom converted to Islam during the Iraq war. That caused serious tension in his unit and his family, which includes younger brother Pat and widow Tina, who had an adulterous affair. Someone arranged for Roughnecks to get violent. Meanwhile Ducky helps Gibbs find out why his dad really visits 'for Christmas', Tony and McGee have a hard time doing Santa assignments.

Quote of the Show:
I’m sorry Abby I could never eat you.
My Thoughts:

Jackson returns!! I love Gibbs’ dad – he is such a wonderful addition to the cast. But this episode really hurt my heart. I am not ashamed to say that I bawled at the interaction between Gibbs & Jackson about the Christmas decorations.

Episode 11: Ignition 1-5-10

Navy test pilot lieutenant commander Brad 'Hondo' Sayer is found half-burn by park rangers in the Virgianian Appalachians. He was flying a jet-pack in his spare time, but it exploded. The manufacturer, Victor Tillman, paid him well as the Navy refused the project, but ignored his ex and competitor Vanessa paid him to fly a prototype she got in the divorce as well. Given his expertise, McGee is made key investigator. Lawyer Margaret Allison Hart is his greatest obstacle. Autopsy by Palmer shows Brad was poisoned before.

Quote of the Show:
His jetpack exploded.
My Thoughts:

I love the arching story board that this episode continues! Don’t wanna give anything away. M.Allison rocks as the bitchy avenging lawyer.

Episode 12: Flesh and Blood 1-12-09

Walid Abbas, the embassy-assigned driver of Saudi prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan, who takes the USMC pilot course, is killed by a bomb in HH's car on the military airfield. Tony is assigned to guard the playboy prince in his suite while his more austere brother Abdalla Ibn Alwaan arrives, and next their father Omar. A bank accounts problem earns Tony a surprise visit from his dad, Anthony Senior, who also happens to know and approach prince Omar. Both families have to face unsavory facts.

Quote of the Show:
You may have to hire someone to protect him from me.
My Thoughts:

Wow!! Tony’s dad makes an appearance and boy does he make an impression.

Episode 13: Jet Lag 1-26-10

The cleaner finds USMC special operations sergeant Mark Parsons in his bath. DiNozzo, air marshal Mark Neeley and David accompany Nora Williams, who is flown home from Paris to testify in a federal trial against her boss, Navy maintenance contractor Beringer Marine's CEO Ray Beringer. Parsons's safe indicates he was a hit-man, with Nora as latest target. The killer strikes again, while McGee helps Gibbs trace motive and who hired the killer.

Quote of the Show:
Tony: Oh no, memory card's full. Means I have to delete some of my photos from Paris.
Ducky: If you have any of that pyramid outside the Louvre, delete them. That glass monstrosity is an offense to good taste.
My Thoughts:

I love this season – it’s adding some perpetual story lines which is normally missing in procedural crime dramas, I love the PollyAnna style belief that the witness had, and oh yeah excellent Chick Fight!!!

Episode 14: Masquerade 2-2-10

Marine Lance Corporal Roman Vega calls his kid brother Alfonso to run for his life while his car explodes during a chase on TV. It's radio-active, from transporting enough cobalt for a 'dirty bomb'. A secret agent links Roman to Peruvian terrorist organization Libertad Nueva. Autopsy concludes the corps is that of marine John Ross. Lawyer Margaret Allison Hart takes Alfonso's defense, just to cross Gibbs.

Quote of the Show:
This country holds itself to a higher standard. It is a nation of laws which are to be followed not only when it is convenient or easy. I have seen firsthand what happens when convenience wins out.
My Thoughts:

I’m conflicted on this episode – I like the play with M. Allison but I’m getting a little tired of her popping up whenever/where ever she likes. I think it’s hilarious that the only reason the bomb didn’t go off was because it was mixed wrong.

Episode 15: Jack Knife 2-9-10

Iraq veteran Marine Damon Werth asks Gibb's help after witnessing his mate being killed on a truck-ride for their dodgy employer, Aaron Szwed, suspected of smuggling and hits. FBI Agent T.C. Fornell allows the NCIS team to join in, in fact Gibbs take the lead, on his jurisdiction. Damon goes undercover on another ride, with Ziva as his partner. They find the cargo is legal, yet provides a surprising motive.

Quote of the Show:
I know my goldfish didn't eat a t-bone.
My Thoughts:

OMG – Damien is the absolutely hottest person on the face of the planet when he shows up in this series. I love the way he has that perfect bad boy image. Gotta say I love the 2 cowboys in the yellow muscle car. LOL.

Episode 16: Mother’s Day 3-2-10

Secrets arise when Gibbs' former mother-in-law surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation.

Quote of the Show:
Hmph. Law School 101. Truth's overrated.

My Thoughts: I was not as impressed with this episode. It had the potential to one of the most dramatic shows ever and it fell super flat. I couldn’t care for his mother-in-law at all. From the opening credits I knew she was guilty.

Episode 17: Double Identity 3-9-10

USMC lieutenant John Mayne is shot in his car in US park Rock Creek (DC) with his own gun. But according to wife Leah and his military record he went missing, presumed captured after breaking his leg, during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan six years earlier with former sergeant Matthew Gontz, now a cab driver, and then captain, present major, Gordon Holcomb. John lived a new life as day-trader Christian Wells, 'remarried a year earlier with unsuspecting Rachel. P.I. Pete Iger was hired to identify Wells from a marathon photo-finish- by Holcomb. The Afghan story proves dodgy.

Quote of the Show:
I'm surrounded by death, Jethro. I wanted to deal with the personal loss myself. Did you know she was almost a hundred, that she had an active full life? But this last year she had not been herself. It was her time. Natural progression of age.

My Thoughts: My heart broke knowing that Ducky was going through this all on his own. Even if you expect and even secretly wish that it would happen because your family member is already gone.

Episode 18: Jurisdiction 3-16-10

The team discovers striking similarities between themselves and their CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Services) counterparts when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is found dead.

Quote of the Show:
Missy: Oh my God! I can't believe he's dead.
Timothy: What was your relationship to the deceased?
Missy: He's deceased, too?

My Thoughts: This show made me laugh, yes I know its about death but still, there were some very very classic funny lines in it.

Episode 19: Guilty Pleasure 4-6-10

In Norfolk, Emily's childless husband, USNavy lieutenant and PR manager Justin Moss, reporter of the US Navy Herald, is stabbed, fatally but still able to stagger down from the hills and be run over by a teenager clique's car. He had an interview meeting with prostitute Charlotte Cook, officially missing since 8 months. Justin met Cook repeatedly in a bar, each time withdrawing $1,000, without having sex. DiNozzo teams up with civilian homicide detective Philip McCadden, a fellow film buff, as their are three previous Norfolk murders with the same MO. Gibbs consults Cook's former DC madam, Holly Snow, and reinstates her so Tony can 'book' Cook trough her. The trap has surprising results.

Quote of the Show:
No, he's been stabbed. Call 911! Get off Facebook and DIAL!

My Thoughts: This was definitely a guilty pleasure – light weight and humor filled. I loved the part when Abby met Holly Snow – priceless.

Episode 20: Moonlighting 4-27-10

Navy Petty Officer Scott Roebuck is shot aboard a boat near his Maryland home from a driving Lincoln by two men, seen by simpleton mates Bill and Ted. In the anchor chain is found the drowned body of Stefano Delmar, a mob murderer turned FBI Agent T.C. Fornell's witness, about to enter witness protection, who was previously tortured. That happened before, so a leak is suspected. Most like is polygraph testing contractor Cooper Hawk's Security. There moonlights McGee's romantic stalker, NCIS's part-time Agent Susan Grady. She's the only CHS employee to survive a bomb and gas explosion in the firm HQ, except janitor Gus Templeton. Jimmy Palmer is proud and happy finally to be dating, despite practical inconveniences.

Quote of the Show:
Ziva: We have hit a Shamu.
Susan: Does she mean snafu?
Tony: Roll with it.

My Thoughts: Well it seems that no good deed goes unpunished in this brutal and unnecessary murder of a good Samaritan.

Episode 21: Obession 5-4-10

Orphaned lieutenant Jeffrey W. Hutton, from USNavy's intelligence center NIOC, died in his crashed car from an at first sight mysterious cause, nearly having reached university hospital. His sister, ZNN TV star reporter Dana, disappeared shortly after becoming executor in charge of selling (for charity) the used books shop of Charlie Bascom, who died in another car crash. Having the hots for Dana, DiNozzo wants the case, and gets it because he has an NIOC contact. Palmer delights Mallard by doing spontaneous overwork and finding the key to Jeff's death, an old KGB poisoned mini-bullet. Dana was working on a story about certain private military contracts, Jeffrey already filed a report advising the joint chiefs of staff against the practice. A secret identity discovery links everything.

Quote of the Show:
Friend killed accidentally. Healthy brother dies of unknown causes. She disappears. I think we're setting a record here for coincidences.

My Thoughts: This show just had twist after twist after twist & I loved it!

Episode 22: Borderland 5-11-10

Loner Afghanistan vet Marine corporal Ray Collins's corpse is found dumped in a junkyard car, both feet amputated, first knocked out and branded in the face. He was court-martialed and discharged for various crimes, affording a luxury motorcycles collection. He was apparently the latest victim of a serial killer of victims with motorcycle gang tattoos, collecting their salted feet. Abby is invited by Justice liaison Alejandro Rivera to address a Mexican forensic symposium in Benito Juarez, escorted by McGee. They meet the Reynosa cartel, trying to solve drug trader Pedro Hernandes's cold murder case. She's shocked to find a link to Gibbs's past. Tony vents dating website frustrations. The team works out that Collins probably murdered the others, plausibly explaining why he alone was alive when his feet were amputated, the others were Reynosa drug dealers, poisoned and the rest of their corpses acid-consumed.

Quote of the Show:
A mini pow? Ugh. This is another bad omen. Gibbs, this does not bode well for my future.

My Thoughts: Hell yeah!! This show rocked! I loved loved loved it! Abby was soooo cool under pressure and true to herself.

Episode 23: Patriot Down 5-18-10

Just before the Naval Academy's grand graduation, NCIS special agent Lara Macy's corpse is found in a campfire on Annapolis beach. The agent, officially on leave from Marseille, had her throat slit. She was apparently tailing petty officer 2nd Class Kaylen Burrows who, according to Macy's laptop, was an uncooperative rape victim. Suspect college boy Tyler, son of DC contractor Randall Hammond, was just roughed up by men in a US Navy van. The Hammonds claim Tyler saved Macy from Seamen George Capetanos and Karl Wachter. Gibbs knew Macy years ago and can no longer avoid his Mexican past catching up.

Quote of the Show:
I'm different. After torturing them til they cry like babies, I would castrate them. Give them what they deserve.

My Thoughts: This was one of those I loved to hate it episode.

Episode 23: Rule Fifty-One 5-25-10

Gibbs finds out in Mexico Jason Paul Dean wasn't killing Mike loyal to colonel Ellis, but to trap him and lands in drug cartel heiress Paloma Reynosa's captivity. He's liberated by federales under Abby's friend Alejandro Rivera's orders, only to discover that Mexican Justice official is Paloma's brother and cahoot. Gibbs refuses to obey commands under threat to kill more of his loved-ones. Yet is allowed to fly back on an at first sight hopeless rescue plane with Tony and Ziva, who is about to be sworn in as US citizen after passing the exam, to Tony's dismay.

Quote of the Show:
Paloma: I see you choose your words carefully, Agent Gibbs. That is good, Your life depends on them.
Gibbs: I don't usually drink scotch.

My Thoughts: I hate that the season ended with Gibbs & Tony not showing for Ziva’s most important moment, but I loved the flashback to Shannon and the rules.

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