2012 - The Posts

This year I'm doing thing a little different, but don't expect a big blog overhaul cause it ain't happening.

Bentos ~ I'm going to start focusing on them a little bit more (so that means the cooking posts stand a chance of increasing too) Some will be for me (and will not be cute) but since I have been decorating a least a box a week for my nephew, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to continue the trend in 2012.

Book Reviews ~ I reread books constantly and this year I'm gonna keep track of the rereads too. The posts will be set up in the format of new books (or books that have not been reviewed) will still contain the link to the review. Rereads will either have no link or an updated link based on how I felt when I reread the story. There will be an ongoing list starting with Feb 1st.

Challenges ~ Other than challenging myself, I've enjoyed them in the past & I may just get back into them since I've started reading again. LOL.

Crafting/Hobbies ~ Bunny & I have discussed things and we've decided that this year we want to start making a few things ourselves. Scrapbook is a definate (I'll shoot the pages and perhaps the logic behind them), on the maybe list is knitting, sewing, woodworking, and home made bath/beauty products.

Letters I'll Never Send ~ Expect at least one a month, I've got some angst to get out of my system.

Movie Reviews ~ I may just start a movie list too, haven't really made a definative choice on this. Any movie I have not previously reviewed will still get a post - that hasn't changed, but I'm not limiting them to Mondays any more.

My Life ~ check ins and updates, at this time I'm considering a monthly post, but I may change my mind lol I always do.

Videos & Music posts ~ I'm not sure I'll continue these. Maybe I'll do an as the mood hits type of thing.

Witchy Stuff ~ Expect more on these labels - after all, I've got a potential handfasting to plan & gots lots of ideas for some other interesting posts

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