Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 366 days with a picture of yourself

Hopes Dreams & Plans for the 2012
Well I hope to kick off the new year right with a firm step towards creating a safe happy home for Bunny, Divo & Me. I want us to move into this year with happiness. Celebrating everything that comes our way. I plan to increase my blogging, decrease my stress, and to most importantly enjoy life. Something I forget to do most days.

My Plan:
Create a happy Lamp for us to live in - with plenty of fresh food, clean drinking water, and the little luxories that make life worth living. This was achieved by cleaning everything up and setting up a cleaning schedule. With a new comfy mattress on the bed, big thick pillows, and fuzzy blankets we should make it through the cold season okay.
Sow a garden - in the spring I plan to create a small kitchen garden so that the fresh foods can continue to come into the home. We also plan to start shopping at farmer's markets for any local produce that we can.

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