Day 10: what you think when you hear the words “be yourself”

What day of the week did I hear these words.

Mondays - I tend to be too tired from the Weekend to actually muster up much of anything, after all a 24 hour Friday & 24 hour Sunday usually make me really tired & I wanna curl up and sleep.

Tuesdays - Are my day to relax from being SuperGirl for my family and take a little bit of time to myself. I generally say "I am" on these days.

Wednesdays - Family errands are of all importance and "Be Yourself" translates to be a good southern girl, no matter how I may nash my teeth at the expression

Thursdays - "Be Yourself" in dreams - this is my sleepy day. LOL.

Fridays - This day is all me and hearing "Be Yourself" makes me wanna go and do and see and experience all that life has, because I don't know who I wanna be so I am exploring options.

Saturdays - Sometimes I feel like a butterly coming out of the cocoon, other days not so much.

Sundays - This is a family day, so I'm like "be a muted self"

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