Book: Love's Magic

Traci E Hall
Medieval Paranormal Romances
Medallion Press / 2008
Mass Market / 461 Pages
Series Boadicea #1

While her sisters are tall and beautiful, Celestia Montehue is the misfit in a royal family—petite, with one green and one blue eye. The only thing she has in common with her ancestors is her magical healing ability. Fearing no one will ever accept her, she vows never to marry. Meanwhile, Nicholas Le Blanc, a haunted man, was trained as a knight but his childhood has convinced him he is a bastard. He is captured while on crusade and eventually forced to kill for his freedom. An arranged marriage between the two does not bode happiness, nor does Celestia's new home—a broken-down keep haunted by the ghost of Nicholas' mother. Soon a curse is set upon them, and they must decide if their love will save them or, ultimately, doom them.

I picked this book up because it looked interesting

What I liked the Most? Celestia (‘Tia) rocks

What I liked the Least?

Review:OMG – what a touching and interesting story. I love quirky romances and I enjoyed taking time out of reality to enjoy some quality me time. The story itself kept me reading because it moves along at quite a nice pace, and there are plenty of events to keep the reader busy.

Recommended to: Fans of “cutesy” romances

Best Quote: “I should have ridden faster, hell, I never should have gone. I was selfish, and couldn’t think past my own hurt. I cannot lose her now, not when I know how much she means to me.”

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