Book: Necklace of Kisses

Francesca Lia Block
Young Adult
HarperCollins / 2005
Hard Back / 240 Pages
Series Weetzie Bat #6

Where were the kisses? Weetzie Bat wondered. And so begins a magical journey of discovery. As she turns forty and the relationship with her secret-agent lover-man Max falls apart, Weetzie packs up her lime green and bright orange bikini, orange suede sneakers, and Pucci tunic, jumps in her '65 mint green Thunderbird, and leaves.
Weetzie finds herself at the enchanted pink hotel in sparkling Los Angeles, where she once shied away from a kiss that may have led her to the love of her life. Now she returns, perhaps in search of her lost passion, and meets an otherworldy cast of characters, among them a blue-skinned receptionist, an invisible cleaning lady, a seductive fawn, and a sushi-eating mermaid who gives her a kiss that sets the wheel of self-discovery in motion.
Block invests every scene with equal shots of magic and realism, rendering her heroine and supporting players in vivid, poetic detail. In Necklace of Kisses the fans that have grown up with Weetzie Bat will be able to meet her in adulthood and find that life is still no less trying and no less full of wonder.

I picked this book up because Series
What I liked the Most? Weetzie grew up

What I liked the Least? The fact that Max seems to be stuck in his head

Review:Necklace of Kisses is the sixth book in the series and yet is a book in and of itself and I am certain it will hold it’s own without disappointing. I loved the unique cast of characters that FLB creates and the magical kisses are truly inspired. I love the fact that it is actually the strangers that help solidify Weetzie’s desire to return to the family we know so well.

I for one I’m very glad I did not discover this series as a child because the magic is still there when I read it.

Recommended to: I totally recommend this book to all you dreamers out there.

Best Quote: “Find the goddess inside yourself instead of looking for the god in someone else.”

(Well to be honest every time I read this book I take away a new favorite quote and action that I incorporate into my daily life)

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