Book: Soul Search

Amber Scott
Paranormal Romance
Tholden / 2011
Three years ago, one horrific night changed his life forever. And now the wolf soul that was invoked to save him is taking over his body, day by day.

Can he master his animal instincts in time to discover who is stealing children's souls before the delicate balance we all depend upon is shattered?

Or will he reject the one woman who can help heal his body and his soul?

I picked this book up because Kindle Freebie
What I liked the Most? Jacob and the guardian angel bit

What I liked the Least? The book

Review: This book is a relative mess - badly written with logic gaps, bad prose, and even worse a romance that makes no sense. Yeah yeah yeah – I get it, new twist on shifter mythos, mediums, and a really bad guy. But OMG this book drug on and on – should I tell him, I can’t tell him, I should tell him, I promised my imaginary friend I would never reveal him. *ARGH* Do yourself a favor and skip it.

You got to be freaking kidding me – 4 & 5 stars for this drivel? Shoot me now.

Recommended to: Fans of absurd

Best Quote: "We will find her. You deserve to know if you fathered a child with her, and if so, to know that child"

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