Movie: Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Director: Tim Story
Actors: Julian McMahon, Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans
MPAA rating: PG
Running time: 92 mins

With Von Doom back in his homeland of Latveria the fantastic four have new troubles when Galactus has decided that Earth is his next target. When his henchman, The Silver Surfer, is sent to Earth he discovers that he's getting more than he bargained for when he encounters the Fantastic Four. But that's not all when Dr. Doom decides that after two years in the homeland he is ready to return.

I picked this movie because Sequel

What I liked the Most? Alicia made this movie for me!

What I liked the Least? WTH was Jessica Alba thinking when she went that blonde – it doesn’t look right

Review: I’m very happy that I am not I repeat NOT a comic book fan. I was able to enjoy the movie without yelling about the purity of anything. Julian McMahon is so freaking hot as the bad guy. I love love love the “I studied like a good little nerd” speech. I have sooooo felt this way multiple times in life.

The secondary characters carried this movie for me – Alicia & Frankie rock this movie! But the real star was The Surfer. Norrin Radd was perfect – injured nobility, predetermination, and at the end true magnetism. And for the comic book fans, dude, they change the characters all the freaking time, get over it!

Stan Lee as Stan Lee not-guest of the wedding

Recommended to: Fans of action/superhero movies

Best Quote: Treasure each moment with her and tell her she's right, we do have a choice.

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