Glamazons vs Champions & Untucked

The Princess wiped out the farewell message.

Shemail & Ru’s entrance: I love the fact that Ru plugged her songs on iTunes.

Mini Challenge: Do something for someone else!
Piyah Martel (a transgender teen and Internet sensation who was born with a rare condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome) was a guest client & judge. The ladies had to pair up and create a butterfly headress for her to wear in a video. Now anyone keeping score would realize that there are an odd number of ladyboys left, so that means that one pair ended up being a Ménage à trios (including little miss left out, Jiggly). Well the Ménage à trios won the day, but during the off camera coin toss – Kenya & PhiPhi nailed the right to be team captians.

Main Challenge: Sell My Songs
The ladyboys are divided into
  • GLAMAZON: Kenya, Chad, Willam, Milan, the Princess and an unhappy Madam LaQueer
  • & CHAMPION: Phi Phi, Sharon Needles, Dida Ritz, Latrice, Jiggly
Kenya upset me by trying to get rid of Madame LaQueer and then said “Puerto Rico is ashamed of her” – hello she won last week you stupid Perra!!!!

Personally, I had a hard time getting into this challenge. It was like the ladies were getting smacked down for nothing. If Ru wanted to sell some iTunes – she should have gotten up there and did it herself, that wink wink – go buy it got old quick.

Runway Time: Platinum & Gold

  • Milan ~ I was not a fan of the harem pants (not a infomercial fan – we decided to share team leader because of the language barrier)
  • Chad Michaels ~ ah-mazing – this column sheath dress was simply OMG gorgeous & she rocked it (Hell yes – I love this STAR)
  • Willam ~ Wow – stunning. I loved the chains – gladiator stripper works for you girl (Sniff the pit crew – I’m ready – Click Clack hi-larious)
  • Sharon Needles ~ She surprised me with her glamour tonight. (I loved her COVERGIRL)
  • Phi Phi ~ Once again – loved the outfit, but not a fan of the make up (Her chola rocked it though)
  • Madam LaQueer ~ space outfit was lost on me (I loved the English is not my first language bit)
  • The Princess ~ hehehe – looks almost like Ru, but how amazing she looked (did she perform)
  • Jiggly Caliente ~ I loved the BOOTS!!!, but the outfit was too out there for me I am a plus size Diva myself & I hate the tight look on the belly – it reminded me of jiffy pop (Damn that ladyboy was trashed)
  • Dida ~ Now this time, she looked pretty & girly (the 50’s wife wasn’t for her)
  • Latrice ~ BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS – I loved the look of the outfit on her (Perfect-o Church Lady)
  • Kenya ~ C3P-Ho – I did not like this look. (Jungle Cat REALNESS)

Guest Judges: Natalie Cole & Amber Riley
Challenge Winner: Sharon Needles “Like, a nightmare come true”– FYI PhiPhi was pissed (Chad Michaels)
Bottom Two: The Princess & Dida Ritz (Madame LaQueer & Jiggly Caliente)
Lip Synch: “This Will Be” by Natalie Cole
Eliminated: The Princess (The Princess unfortunately Dida had a better lip synch)

PhiPhi starts doing the whole I think my character was the best & Willam tries to give PhiPhi a back handed compliment “I liked it too, but I couldn’t understand what you were saying.” And they slayed me with their interpretation of Sharon Needles – she was doubting the group, really you didn’t give her any direction, we could all see that. But my favorite OMG moment – “you absolutley need to shut up”. Priceless!!!

And then Jiggly gets a video visit from her brother and goes bonkers, bawling and snotting up something fierce. I’m so happy that PhiPhi & Latrice were both there for him.

Then I got my new favorite word – leotarded, thank you Sharon Needles! She is such a wacky kook, I am soooo in love, but she showed no love for her meth look friend The Princess on stage. Then the claws (and truth) came out.

Me personally – I can’t wait to see the episdoe when Willam goes “your tone is so pointed”


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