Snatch Game & Untucked


Milan wiped out the farewell message. No big deal here! Milan said she felt her true age by being in the bottom.

Shemail & Ru’s entrance: Game Show references, I love it!!!

Mini Challenge: Beat the Cock ~ I love all the cock references and the Queen can win a phone call home. Four rounds of fun (Pin the Cock, Blow Job, Ring the Cock, Lay an Egg). Phi Phi won the call home by having absolute thing control and then gave Chad the prize because it is her anniversary. (Okay bitch note, several of the ladies have commented on the fact that Willam’s name is a boys name, but hello Chad WTF)

Main Challenge: SNATCH GAME!!!
  • Willam ~ Jessica Simpson ~ This is a ditzy perfect match!!
  • Sharon ~ Michelle Vissage ~ (Really, imitating a judge) Making up all kinds of crazy crazy stories. Uppers downers candy corn! (Best ever is when Michelle says “I’m not as old as you wanted to make me Bitch!)
  • PhiPhi ~ Lady Gaga ~ (Ru says Gaga is difficult to pull off) WTF
  • Jiggly ~ Snookie ~ stupidity!!
  • Dida Ritz ~ Wendy Williams ~ The only part I liked was when Jiggly did the smushing & she was doing the oh oh oh
  • Chad Micheals ~ Cher ~ HELL YES!!!! How many hair changes did she have?
  • Latrice ~ Aretha Franklin ~ I’m not sure I got her Aretha. I think she was channeling 2 piece & biscuit
  • Kenya ~ Beyonce ~ (Ru tried to warn you girl!) WTF – I don’t even like Beyonce and I don’t know what the hell she was doing!
  • Milan ~ Diana Ross ~ maybe on crack, that’s all I have to say

Then the next morning, Latrice goes off on all the Queens. Especially, the front row. Jiggly apologized and really she is not the worst one. And of course PhiPhi takes it badly. OMG – Chad’s better half is so freaking cute. I’m so happy that she got the call.

Runway Time: Dressed to Impress
  • Jiggly ~ I love the dress, but it looks off the rack.
  • Chad Michaels ~ Girrafe Body suit (that we learned in the phone call home Adam made for her) What a body!!
  • Milan ~ WTF!! Are you thinking? You landed in the bottom last week and you show up in pants this week.
  • Willam ~ fetish blow up doll, stunning. Michelle says she is a fierce body bitch.
  • PhiPhi ~ What the hell is this? I realize this is the look you are known for, but this bombed as far as I’m concerned.
  • Dida Rita ~ Teddy Bear skirt, what?
  • Kenya ~ Boxing cutie.
  • Sharon Needles ~ plastic surgery after words
  • Latrice ~ Stunning in blue!! And she says I feel fabulous.

I may have to see if I can follow Ross on something else, because he made me LOL. And Willam’s break down seemed a little contrived, but PhiPhi’s tears seemed real, and then she gets spanked by Rupaul.

Guest Judges: Ross Matthews (Oh Please I’m thrilled!) & Loretta Devine
Challenge Winner: Chad Michaels (Sharon Needles or Chad Micheals)
Bottom Two: Milan & Kenya (Kenya & PhiPhi)
Lip Synch: “Vogue” by Madona
Eliminated: Kenya (still not sure if he is not a she) I’m gonna miss my friends.

Untucked: The safe girls were read about being safe. WTF, was Latrice holding her dress in front of her???? And continues her diatribe about being disappointed in the way the Snatch Game went. “I was hotter than fish grease, girl.”

For the first time, I think the repeat made a joke, when they were talking about Milan’s make up being trashed, the video froze & repeated on Milan’s Diana Ross. It was HI-larious! Then talking about Willam playing a perfect Jessica ~ he nailed her, perfectly.

I love Peek-a-Ru! Yep, Latrice took off her dress and was sitting there holding it in front of her. Then they started impersonating each other, because that’s what the Pink Box said to do. Then Latrice pulls Sharon’s name and couldn’t figure out what to do, then Jiggly goes it Sharon isn’t it. Then Dida pulls Jiggly “I keeps it real, I keeps it 100” and Jiggly pulls Dida.

Back to the main stage, PhiPhi says this is the first time I’ve doubted myself. And when the girls ask Kenya why she played Beyonce likes that, and she explains her thinking everyone laughs and then Kenya starts crying & explains her feelings about not understanding what is going on around her.

When the safe girls come back, Latrice is wearing her dress again (thank Goddess).

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