I love Madam LaQueer’s accent – so perfectly stunning & when Phi Phi asked if they could trade Jiggly for Alisa and every one raised their hand I about died laughing, serves you right Perra. And then Jiggly wiped out the farewell message.

Shemail & Ru’s entrance: Just don’t hurt my face.

Mini Challenge: Make an ass of Yourself
The girls got split into 3 groups (Apple Bottoms, Badonkadonks, & Ghetto Booty) to stuff their bottoms with all kinds of junk. Winners: PhiPhi, Chad Michaels, & Willam. They are now team captains to divide the rest of the ladies up.

Main Challenge: Wrestle Mania aka WTF
  • Glamazons PhiPhi & Lashawn vs Bitter Betties Latrice & Kenya ~ I loved the whole your so pretty looking into the mirror thing, ditzy blondes all the way from the Glamazons lol. It was entertaining and fun.
  • DWF’d Willam & Dida vs Thunderbooties The Princess & Jiggly ~ “Plus size Jujubee” OMG I about died.
  • Bitch Kickers Chad Micheals & Madame LaQueer (FYI picked last) vs The Knockouts Sharon Needles & Milan ~ “How’s it hanging scratch & sniff?” “Kristy Alley before dancing with the stars” These ladyboys ROCKED it out!! They deserve (and did) to win!!

Somewhere out there Mimi Imfurst is upset because drag is now a contact sport.

Runway Time: Your girly best
During prep time I was amazed at the make up process for Latrice and Lashawn, but the ending face is stunning. There is also a little closeness between team Chad and that was really touching.
  • Kenya ~ OMG she is a stunning little doll in pink
  • LaShawn ~ I didn’t get the bubble gum yum yum outfit
  • Sharon Needles ~ Yes she can pull off girly girl. I was not that impressed with the lips, but everything else rocked for this “weird” girl.
  • Jiggly Caliente ~ Get rid of that stupid blow pop and there was nothing New York about that look
  • Milan ~ Stunning, simply stunning. I adored this see through bow’ed frock (even if I do keep forgetting her)
  • Madam LaQueer ~ I love this outfit!!! I want it
  • Dida ~ WTF – no way, this outfit is not girly not cute and not fashionable.
  • Chad Michaels ~ Holy shit – perfect perfect perfect. I honestly think that this was the girly best (okay maybe a tie with Kenya but I’m still not convinced she isn’t a 15 old girl)
  • The Pincess ~ I love the rocker look, but the hair is too out there for me
  • Phi Phi ~ she looked a little old in the face for me (fyi Billy B says “She didn’t paint herself pretty)
  • Latrice ~ So pretty in bright pink
  • Willam ~ Street walker chic, but I love those shoes!!!

Guest Judges: Rick Fox & John Salley
During the judging process I about died laughing so much, and the Billy B tells Kenya “I think you are the one to beat” ohhhh daggers!!

Challenge Winner: Chad Michaels & Madame LaQueer “The Bitch Kickers” (Madame LaQueer definitely deserved to win)
Mmmm – Willam wtf did you just do – Bye! And stomp off. OMG you should have said thank you.

Bottom Two: The Princess & Lashawn Beyond (Jiggly Caliente & Lashawn Beyond)
Can anyone explain to me WHY THE FUCK Lashawn took off her shoes before the song even started????? Willam said it best “'To do the song with no shoes. In closed toed pantyhose. Like a web footed duck.”

Lip Synch: “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer
Eliminated: Lashawn Beyond ~ “Stay true 2 U + xoxo good luck! “

Untucked: How the heck does Chad Michaels call this thing – too weeks in a row and she nailed who is in the bottom two. Could someone explain to me what Chad Michaels was trying to do by instigating that blow up between Sharon & Jiggly. Then Sharon gets a surprise (maybe because she won last week – no clue) video visit from Alaska (her boyfriend/girlfriend). Then Alaska goes “this may not be right, a video message, but I love you and want to be with you always” long pause “did you take my corset to LA”.

Hell yeah, someone got up in Jiggly’s face again ~ I loved it ~ got to see that little brat cry. Jiggly tries to say “I can’t sew” and everyone goes we didn’t say anything about sewing, “wahh I’m fat” response “Hello Latrice is much much larger than you and she rocks it out”, then it’s “I was beaten up when I was little” to which PhiPhi replies “I was put in the hospital because I was beaten”, and to top it all off “My mother died in 2007” and everyone else finds out that Latrice’s mother died while she was in jail, but all of Latrice’s togetherness is a 4 year journey (so Latrice’s & Jiggly’s mom died around the same time right) .

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