Drag Race: Dragazines & Untucked

Jiggly wiped out the farewell message.

Shemail & Ru’s entrance: CyberCity that never sleeps? WTF?

Mini Challenge: The Library is Now Open
  • Dida Ritz ~ kinda lame (but she said
  • Jiggly ~ Lame-O
  • Phi Phi Ohara ~ stupidity at its lamest.
  • Willam ~ Did not put out like I thought she would
  • Chad Michaels ~ Not what I expected.
  • Latrice ~ rocking it! (Winner)
  • Sharon Needles ~ Holy Shit, she gabs it out
Main Challenge: Magazine Cover!
  • Phi Phi Ohara ~ Sashay Away ~ looked like a real mag
  • Willam ~ Sugar Walls ~ Bitchy? Noooo. Pornish – whorish.
  • Sharon Needles ~ Kitty Cats ~ For the love of pussy. HEHEHEHE!!
  • Jiggly ~ Battle of the Bulge ~ Taking the serious route (and Ru says embrace the funny OMG)
  • Chad Michaels ~ Eleganza ~ Drag cougars unite.
  • Latrice ~ What’s the T? ~ looked cluttered
  • Dida Ritz ~ Taste Like Chicken ~ didn’t really enjoy the mag
Runway Time: Glossy Glamour Looks
  • Sharon Needles ~ OMG – so glamorous – where did this come from? I loved it.
  • Dida Ritz ~ This look was a little dull
  • Chad Michaels ~ Stunning stunning stunning
  • Latrice ~ not enjoying this look, it looked really heavy and not fashionable.
  • Willam ~ the run way look was stunning, but WTF was up with that hair (with no undies)
  • Jiggly ~ No way – the hair, make up, & dress don’t work
  • Phi Phi Ohara ~ Holy Shit – I actually liked her look tonight.
Guest Judges: Regina King and Pam Tillis
Challenge Winner: Phi Phi (Sharon Needles – her dragazine was funny & the runway fierce)
Bottom Two: Willam & Jiggly (Jiggly & Latrice)
Lip Synch: “Mi Vida Loca” by Pam Tillis
Eliminated: Jiggly

Untucked: Okay, so the hideous dress of Latrice’s means that one of her taunted peeks is coming tonight. Oh man, she was talking about Santino – here I thought it was one of the ladies. Then Sharon brings up Willam’s beard and suggests drag makeup.

Peek-A-Ru: Go check out the outtakes from your photo shoot. Jason was eye fucking the photographer the entire time.

Jiggly gets down about her dragazine, the girls try to boost her spirits, then she says “if they (the judges) don’t want me here I want to go home”. Willam whos already expressed concern that she is going to be in the bottom two says “then go out there and tell them, cause my feet hurt”. Then Jiggly goes nuts – yelling at the top of her lungs and Dida jumps in with both feet. Jenkies!!

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