Week 2-25 to 3-2

Saturday 2-25
Well I feel like an idiot, I woke up thinking today was Sunday & just wasted an entire day off, but hey it’s a good way to spend the day in bed.
  • Ghost
  • Jammies!!
  • Chason’s Grandson Buffet
  • Celebrity in Death
  • Push & Scorpion King 3

Sunday 2-26
So today is the day I return to work & I spent the entire day in bed finishing up my book.
  • Set Fire to the Rain
  • Black Capri, grey leopard print, ballet shrug, & flips
  • Baked Chicken & Potato
  • Celebrity in Death
  • Smallville Season 6

Monday 2-27
Getting tired of Smallville spazzing on the portable DVD player, but gotta say I’m loving Bart’s return.
  • Real Good Man
  • Black leggings, long sleeve, boots, & grey sweater
  • Bento/Meal
  • Book
  • Rupaul’s Drag RACE

Tuesday 2-28
Coffee & chat with Jinx. There’s a lot going on.
  • Like My Mother Does
  • Jeans, Grey Button up, Flips
  • Stew Beef & Rice
  • Barely Bewitched

Wednesday 2-29
Off work and headed to Lowe’s to check out paint colors for my chairs. And checked out all the different ideas for the “front yard”. If I go with any of them, I’ll post pictures.
  • Stupid Hos
  • Dress slacks, red v neck
  • Pizza
  • Barely Bewitched
  • Hugo & Contagion

Got up early because my sister texted me 100 times to get me to say I’ll bake cupcakes for LM’s snack day at school. She’s gonna turn them into Thing 1 & Thing 2.

Thursday 3-1
Catching up with my Mom & Dad so Daddy-O can get back to work & I can handle mom’s Dr’s appts. *sigh* Yep – appointments. Then I have to go to the grocery store & bake a dozen red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. It’s gonna be a long day.

Ok, so made it to mom’s internal dr (wowser he needs a midol) appointment just in time to watch her check out, then over for breakfast with M&D, then grab the momma and head to the cardiologist office. Got a clean bill of health from him. Then off to the grocery store to grab yummies for cupcakes & deviled eggs. Got the goodies & boogied on home, changed clothes, and hit the kitch to whip up a Dr Suess inspired cupcakes. I personally think I was baking treats for vamps.

  • Summertime ~ DJ Jazzy Jeff style
  • Summer comfort at its best – black lace trimmed capris, cami, & blue shrug
  • Beef & Broccoli
  • Book
  • De Nada

Woke up mad late, white rabbiting it all the way, no make up, hair in a pony tail. ARGH!!!

Friday 3-2
Considering the RV show this weekend & I think Pineapple Chicken Curry sounds heavenly for dinner.

Ok, so no RV show today, no food, no nothing, went home and was gonna watch TV until BF got home and the rain on the roof lulled me to sleep.
  • The rain on the roof
  • Leopard print Jammies
  • Didn’t eat
  • Witches Under Way
  • Sleep sounded much much better

Until next week.

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