Movie: Jack & Jill

Director: Dennis Dugan
Actors: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, & Al Pacino
MPAA rating:
Running time: 91 mins
Tagline: His twin sister is coming for the holidays and it ain’t pretty

Jill and Jack (also Mr. Sandler, obviously) are twins separated by a continent and a chasm of luck, achievement and social status. When Jill arrives from the Bronx to spend Thanksgiving at her brother’s gorgeous Los Angeles home, her presence provokes a steady barrage of rage and disgust. She is dumb — she doesn’t know what the Internet is! — crude and physically grotesque, and also loud and needy. She leaves sweat stains on the bed and talks in a high-pitched nasal singsong, broadcasting her feelings at maximum volume.

I picked this movie because it was on Redbox

What I liked the Most? the concept

What I liked the Least? the over the top reactions to Jill

Review: Over all this was a funny movie about finding love no matter what, but it was a little over blown for my tastes. I will say the commercial at the end of the movie was worth the whole thing.

Recommended to: Fans of Adam Sandler

Best Quote: “Busted, disgusted - never to be trusted!"


  1. You know what I hate? The fact that I'VE SEEN THIS FUCKING MOVIE. IT EATS!!!

    1. It makes plenty of sense to me. Jack & Jill is just pure crap, it's a quick buck, and in Adam Sandler's eyes, who cares if it's shit or not...

      No big loss for Al Pacino, does a little acting for a piss-poor movie, gets a nice pay check out of it, pretends it never happened.