Ready Set Joe

Usually I just grab either instant coffee or the tea bag style coffees for camping trips, but this latest trip I couldn’t find the tea bag coffees and since I really don’t like the flavor of instant, I was looking for easy way to make coffee while camping.

I have a one burner gas stove that I carry when camping & a tea kettle, so this wouldn’t “add” much more gear to my camping kit. I am soooooo glad that I took the chance. Let me tell you, this little device makes a wonderful cup of my favorite coffee while I’m camping.

You set the cup down, top it with brewer, add a filter & coffee, then poor in the water and viola perfect cup of coffee. Now I probably wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use, but it works WONDERS for an on the go cup of coffee.

It is a must try if you are camping or traveling.

I am in no way affiliated with this company - I purchased this product on my own accord.

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