Director: Paul McGuigan
Actors: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans
MPAA rating: PG 13
Running time: 111 mins
Tagline: Their powers make them an endangered species

A group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities are hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency. They must utilize their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the agency forever.

I picked this movie because It was a Redbox special

What I liked the Most? The concept was awesome

What I liked the Least? Jumpy

Review: I’m not sure why this movie was treated so badly by critics, because it was awesome.

Chris Evans really rose to the occasion as Nick, he mixed his trademark snarky attitude with delicious melancholy depression. And can we say wow to Ms Dakota Fanning. She is definitely growing up. The adolescent future teller using black paper & colored pens was genius.

And while I’m at it – let’s can the comparison to Jumper. Jumper was filled with cheap imitation while Push gets you talking when the movie goes off.

Recommended to: Just about anyone

Best Quote: There are special people in this world. We don't ask to be special. We're just born this way. We pass you on the streets every day, unnoticed by most.

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