Week 6-16 to 6-22

Let’s try this again.

Thursday 6-21
So anyways – I got up at normal time, got dressed and headed down to the Big House to visit with my Momma & see how the rest of the day went and my phone rings. It’s my boss on the other end saying “Umm the system is down. Don’t head in yet. I’ll call you back.” So I go back up to my Lamp, and then walked over to GM’s to tell Bunny that I might not have to go to work. Hung out with him for about an hour, then walked back home. Then I got a text message “The system is still down, you have the night off.” Yay! So I gots a 3 day weekend.

  • Where ever, Whenever ~ Shakira
  • Jammies!!!
  • Nadda – I went back to bed lol
  • See above
  • Turned on season 1 of NCIS and then fell asleep
Friday 6-23 Up bright & early (many thanks to the computer crash), headed to the grocery store to pick up party food. Then back to the house to chill heels until it was time to head out of the city for Mom’s Duke consultation. Got a lot of reading time in while dad drove to the appointment, we sat around waiting to see the doctor, Dr told mom she was not a good candidate for the repair and then dad drove home. Finished the book in almost record time lol. You can find the review over here. Home and change clothes so that BF & I could hit 4th Friday. Got down & signed up for the scavenger hunt. Hehe, we were hunting for items (did decent if I do say so myself) and then the bottom fell out of the sky. We had fun playing in the rain, but eating downtown was not to be tonight. Everyone ran into the restaurants and you couldn’t have gotten a seat if you tried. So we left downtown & BF decided he wanted to get a burger at Red Robin. Went to 2nd & Charles after dinner and turned in a couple of books, then headed home for movie night.
  • The Gummy Bear Song lol
  • Black & White mini dress
  • Red Robin burger & fries
  • A Nomadic Witch
  • Zombieland
Until next week.

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