Washington DC Day 5 & Headed Home

Woke up bright & early, packed all the gear & loaded up so we could hit Dunkin Donuts for coffee and breakfast! I’m so excited to be on our way home. I love traveling, but one of my favorite parts is coming home, always has been.

Anyhoo – we had a bit of an adventure this morning trying to escape DC, so let me tell you all about it. LOL. We took New York Ave back into the city this morning so we could go to DD, and we also wanted to check out a few other places, not stop, but just do a drive by so BF could see other places he might like to go on our next trip. So we get into DC just fine, then for the life of us we couldn’t escape!!! There was some type of marathon going on that had half of the city on shut down. And the half that wasn’t closed so people could run in a circle, was closed due to construction!! We must have circled one block like 8 times trying to find a road that would lead us out. Hell we were sitting at one stop light (trying to figure out where we were) and I’m pointing to the street sign because I couldn’t read it, there’s a cop laying back in his car seat looking like a thug, rolls the window down a crack, lifts his head a bit and shouts “You can’t turn here”. Pissed us off so bad, we were not in the turning lane, did not have our signal on, nothing to suggest that we were trying to turn the wrong way on a ONE WAY street, we were just trying to figure out where the fuck we were so we could get on the road back home.

Now I realize I’m from the south & people down here are a little different than most, friendlier you might say, but when you see someone who is apparently lost and have the streets are closed and you just so happen to be a cop – perhaps it would be beneficial for you to get up off your lazy, good for nothing ass and ASSIST them.

So any ways, (even without his non-help) I was finally able to navigate us out of the city and back on 95 headed home. We blasted the radio and talked the entire way home. It was a wonderful vacation!

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