Washington DC Day 4

I’m a big fan of taking a vacation day to do absolutely nothing & that is exactly what we did this morning. The Green Metro was down for track maintenance and New York Ave was closed due to construction so we hung out at the campsite playing cards and talking all morning. It was a good chance for us to connect with each other and just simply be together.

Faye called around 1p to ask if we wanted to hang out for a bit and we said sure. They came over to the campground and we went out to lunch. Totally amazing little hole in the wall place that had OMG yummy food. Then we went to the superstore of thrift markets and found some amazing deals on clothes. I picked up a dress, 2 skirts, and a shirt and for James a pair of jeans, and a jean jacket all for under $20. And for those of you who know me – I am a PSP, plus size princess, so finding anything to fit at a thrift store is amazing.

Then we returned to the campground to play cards & visit some more. All in all this was the most relaxing vacation day I think I’ve had. Lol.

Cost of Today’s Adventure:
$43 lunch (Reggie beat me to last night’s check so I was bound and determined to get lunch)
$17 thrift store

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