Week 7-7 to 7-13

<font color="#FF3399">Saturday 7-7</font>
Went out and about with the BF today. He took me out for sushi (something I love and he despises), then to several craft stores & even surprised me with a cropper hopper. Yay! Said it made sense to him, if I was gonna start my crafting again, I need a tool box for it. Gotta love a carpenter, he thinks of these things.
Got back home and had this massively powerful idea that something was wrong some where in the 'Verse. Started making calls & found out that one of my acquaintances had a miscarriage last night. My heart goes out to her, truly it does. Spent the rest of the night curled up in BF's arms, happy to be so well loved.
<ul><li>Gunpowder & Lead ~ Miranda Lambert
<li>Yellow capris, black tank
<li>No time to read today
<li>No time for TV</ul>
<font color="#FF3399">Sunday 7-8</font>
Up bright & early cause we are convoying down to TRA to help set the Momma & the Sissy for a week of leisure. When we got down there, Mom says go swimming & have some fun, you guys do a lot already. So we skipped out on the set up and enjoyed the pool. I would have to say I prefer a cooler pool & less crowding, but it's not like we could be picky. After swimming, we visited the campers & then headed out. Ate a late lunch at Panera then went to Fresh Market.

Enjoyed shopping for the week & watching BF there. He is so funny when he goes somewhere new. All scared of trying something new, then jumping in head over heels. LOL. Drive back to town and then it's get ready for work!
<ul><li>Not Afraid ~ Eminem
<li>Black capris, white tank
<li>Strawberry Spinach Salad & a chicken salad sandwich
<li>Cut, Crop & Die ~ Joanna Slan
<li>Who has time for TV</ul>
<font color="#FF3399">Monday 7-9</font>
OMG my stomach is killing me, I really need to remember to drink water on my days off. Left work early, went home & snuggled in bed to sleep off the agonizing stomach cramps.
<ul><li>Baby I'm Amazed By You ~ Time McGraw
<li>Garlic Ginger Chicken
<font color="#FF3399">Tuesday 7-10</font>
<ul><li>She's Not Just a Pretty Face ~ Shania Twain
<li>Steak Kabobs & baked potato
<li>No TV</ul>
<font color="#FF3399">Wednesday 7-11</font>
Ok, let me fill you in, gentle reader (skip it if you don't feel up to a bunch of drama) – a friend of mine is in a multi-poly relationship that is in the process of downsizing itself. Well one of the major points announced that they didn't feel comfortable being poly because it just felt wrong, which caused the rest of the grouping to do a (understandable) freak out, because she is forcing a decision that affects the rest of the family. ARGH! So away we went over for coffee & chit chat. Ended up tossing cards, but really, the answers were not want the questioner wanted so he ignored them.
<ul><li>When I Needed You the Most ~ Dolly Parton
<li>Mushroom stuffed Chicken, mashed potatoes, & broccoli
<li>No TV</ul>
Holy Crap over slept and had a freaking panic attack getting ready for work. I really hate it when I don't wake up in time. It throws off my whole day & when the hell did I become the counselor for all the looney people in the world? Got a really surprising phone call tonight.
<font color="#FF3399">Thursday 7-12</font>
<ul><li>Dig a Little Deeper ~ The Princess & The Frog (I love Disney!!)
<li>Jeans & T-shirt
<li>CP Chicken Enchiladas
<li>No reading today lol I was too interested in scrapping
<li>No TV again today</ul>
<font color="#FF3399">Friday 7-13</font>
Work passed quickly, I worked on some scrap book pages to kill the down time.
<ul><li>They Try ~ Rascal Flatts
<li>Blue capris, black tunic top, flips
<li>Hamburgers family style
<li>Calamity Jane
<li>No TV today!</ul>
Check out the Weekend post to see what happened at the campground!
<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XiBqFp1rhmE/TjJxGAXc-UI/AAAAAAAAB3U/j3oQDABVgwU/s1600/PeaceOut.jpg"><img style="display:block; margin:0px auto 10px; text-align:center;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 154px; height: 200px;" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XiBqFp1rhmE/TjJxGAXc-UI/AAAAAAAAB3U/j3oQDABVgwU/s200/PeaceOut.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5634690431785433410" /></a>
<center>Until next week.</center>

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