I gotta say – I love having a boyfriend that doesn't mind spur of the moment trips. LOL.

So Momma-Luv, Sissy & the little man went to TRA for a week (remember last weekend I wrote that we drove down for the day to help them set up). Well we decided to take some down time for us as well and drove down Friday morning for an overnighter.

After a few delays (road construction, his mom calling stranded at the K&W, getting gas) we finally hit the road and started hauling down the road. Just chilling and talking about all the going ons with everyone right now. We have a tendency to do a lot of catching up while driving, lol. I won't bore you with yet another recap of all drama rama, just be aware that since Mercury is in retrograde I'm a firm believer that everyone I know has taken a dive off the sanity cliff.

We made really good time, while enjoying the sights of the trip and the talking. Got down to TRA about noon. Just in time for the golf cart to come back to the camp site, with a gaggle saying its time for lunch. So while the mommies were feeding the kidlets, BF & I caught up with the Momma Luv. She's a little miffed that my lil sis doesn't always keep her clued in to what's going on, but I'm sure she'll get over it. After lunch, we all donned swimsuits and headed for the pool.

BF was way into getting into the sunlight, while I was pulling my best vampire impression. How did I land a guy that is abso the total opposite of myself, I ask daily. We swam for a little over an hour, then the kids went to the slip & slide. And while it was set up for the littles, teens & adults were getting into the action too. We watched a total Pervy Bastard watching the teen girls slip & slide and then shower off with (what I felt were too) eager eyes, but they seemed to know him. Gave me the heebies but whatcha gonna do. The girls he was checking out appeared to be 17-18 and were more than willing to shake a heinie at him.

We went back to the RV and mom sent us on a shopping errand and while we were in town my phone went bonkers! Evidently the looney trio is at it again. One of the messages I got was "I feel like Bella when Edward left her". Now those of you who know me are aware of my utter contempt for the stalking pedo love affair that is Twilight, so I responded with a WTF I thought you had brains. And one of the other points called me to say that her heart is broken because male can't make up his mind. OMG, really?!?!?! I'm going back to the campground, at least my phone doesn't have signal there, lol.

Back to TRA with groceries in tow. Had a wonderful dinner with everyone, then went fishing with the kids. Had to say it was a relaxing time even if little man did try to fall into the lake (he missed the water and landed in a paddle boat unharmed). Then it was bed time and not a minute too soon if you ask me. I gotta quit doing these 24+ hour days. They are seriously getting to me.

Got up bright & early Saturday A.M. to have a good old fashioned country breakfast, then we spent the day at the pool. Must say it was a very relaxing day. Dinner was steak, baked potato, & a salad – family style. We had a wonderful evening, but had to cut the visit short, because we needed to get back to Fayetteville so if Auntie had any issues with the GrandMa someone would be home.

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