Book of Shadows

Alexandra Sokoloff

Witchy Thriller

St Martin's Press / 2010

Hardback / 320 Pages

Homicide detective Adam Garrett is already a rising star in the Boston police department when he and his cynical partner, Carl Landauer, catch a horrifying case that could make their careers: the ritualistic murder of a wealthy college girl that appears to have Satanic elements. 

The partners make a quick arrest when all evidence points to another student, a troubled musician in a Goth band who was either dating or stalking the murdered girl. But Garrett's case is turned upside down when beautiful, mysterious Tanith Cabarrus, a practicing witch from nearby Salem, walks into the homicide bureau and insists that the real perpetrator is still at large. Tanith claims to have had psychic visions that the killer has ritually sacrificed other teenagers in his attempts to summon a powerful, ancient demon.

All Garrett's beliefs about the nature of reality will be tested as he is forced to team up with a woman he is fiercely attracted to but cannot trust, in a race to uncover a psychotic killer before he strikes again.
I picked this book up because it was a freebie from 2nd & Charles

What I liked the Most? The mix of magic, mental illness & witchy mayhem

What I liked the Least? It was a bit graphic for my usual fare

Review: Book of Shadows is the perfect combination of mystery, demonology, and paranormal. It starts off a bit slow, and at times the prose is a little convoluted, but it is well worth the read.

The characters drive the book: Garrett (lapsed Catholic) is a bit slow on the uptake, but he ultimately comes through and makes the book rock. However the real star of the show is Tanith (of the dark eyes, dark hair, and pale skin) – she keeps pushing the story along.

I do have to say I didn't appreciate the unnecessary and unbelievably raunchy sex scene. It just seems to play into the "wanna do magic fuck a witch" mentality. 

Recommended to: Fans of gore fiction

Best Quote: Samhain is the eve, when those who love the lost will grieve.

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