Myrtle Beach Day 2

OMG - last night was horrid. I am evidently allergic to the cleaning products they use here & spent half the night awake and coughing. Ugh!!!!

Finally, got to sleep around 3 and was up & ready to roll by 8. Hit the breakfast here at the Hotel. For a hotel breakfast it was truly stellar!!! Got scrambled eggs & ham. Due to rain, we spent the morning around the hotel and then headed out to explore this wonderful town. There is a freaking ton of things to do here, ranging from free to outrageous.

We went to

and it was amazing!!! My absolute favoritist animal here was the oh so adorable lemur. Every time we tried to take a picture he would run to the glass & stick his tongue out at us, so we never did get a good picture. LOL. But he was entirely too cute with his big doll eyes.

Dinner was at Captain Benjamin's Seafood Buffet and I don't particularly recommend it. For 30 bucks a person, you would think the food would be a lot better. The crab legs were over steamed and then left to cool before putting them out - ick!!

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach, then I went back upstairs & BF went shell hunting.

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