2012 Haunted House Round 1

Okay so last year, BF & I did a haunted house or trail every weekend in October and since we had so much fun we decided to do it again. Maybe next year, we'll see if we can't get involved in an acutal ghost hunt. LOL. So this year, since we were down at the beach already, we decided to check out this one:

Now I for one must say that I was a bit leary when we got here, I mean - it's a transformed store front in a strip mall. Can you say cheesy? But I was very impressed with the interiors. They have 5 attractions & a discount for the combo pass. For $25 you get to see:

■Haunted Factory Tour - My favorite part about this attraction, was watching everyone freak out over the gas masked dummy being a real person - it was freaking hilarous.  Evil millionaire built his factory on the backs of hardworking people, causing death & destruction. So some of the factory workers took matters into their own hands & sealed all the doors (leaving a ton of their fellow workers inside) and set fire to the place. Not much affected me in this part (see note down below about keeping your fingers to yourself) except for this was our after 10p event & I was a little shocked to hear all the F bombs roaming rampart.

■Psych Ward Tour - (its added to the end of the Haunted Factory Tour FYI) Dude now this part creeped me out major. There is one guy in there & he is supposedly gutting a victim and holy crap, I swear he was about ready to take another one out of our group. He just looked scary freaking creepy!!!!

■The VOID - this section freaked me out. I am not usually afraid of the dark, but combine dark, creepy, sparks, and a passage way that feels like it is shrinking and man oh man - wig out time. Didn't help matters any that the creepy girl crawled off the bed and up the wall after me.

■The 3D Fun House - Squirrel is your guide/tormentor through this maze of 3D paint and drop walls and she will totally giggle you crazy. Out of all of them this was my favorite, but then I kinda like going oh shiny - squirrel!!!!

■The Mausoleum (A multi-level, crawl-through attraction!) - I was unable to go through this one, as it is impossible to crawl with a broken finger, however BF says it was a good one.

I honestly think my favorite part of the whole thing was the photo attraction in the gift shop, but that could be because the couple running it were just entirely too sweet. (Not exactly what you expect at a haunted house, but still fun).

Quick little side note: if you go after 10p these attractions go rated R so be prepared for adult lanuage and supposedly they grab you. But I never got touched. lol.

A word of warning for everyone going to out to spooksvilles this Halloween season - don't stick your hand in a coffin or a box while you are inside unless a guide tells you to feel something. A girl in one of the groups behind us evidently thought it was a good idea to stick her hand inside a crate gag (I'm unsure if someone was inside pull the latch or if it was hydrolic) and the lid slammed down on her finger smashing her ring and causing her a great deal of pain. Now you would think that I would have a bit more sympathy due to having just smashed my hand in a car door, but personally, I think she is a tweedle and should have known better than to stick her hand in a box in a creepy room.
Sorry there aren't any pictures, but most houses frown on flash photography inside and as stated earlier, this one isn't much to look at on the outside.

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