Christopher Smith

Young Adult - Paranormal
Series Bullied #4

In WAR, the fourth and final book of the international best-selling Bullied Series, 18-year-old Seth Moore must use his four amulets and their wealth of supernatural powers to fight Anna, a cunning witch charged by her master, Darien, to steal the amulets so his own powers can grow.

This time, Anna is more ruthless than ever, so much so that Seth seeks out the help of Paisley White, an eccentric, 400-year-old “good witch” whose power is equal to Darien’s. But is it greater? And if it isn’t, then how can she help Seth?

With everyone at risk, including Jennifer, Alex and Jim, all agree that a war against Darien is the only way out. Meanwhile, Seth realizes the dangers of first love and, worse, what he himself has become since receiving the amulets--a bully. Their power has corrupted him, overwhelmed him and caused at least one person’s death.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? The ending

What I liked the Least? The “battle”

Review: So this is the wrap up and it was worth the read. I love the fact that this turned into an epic journey for an unlikely hero to become the person he was always capable of being, if only someone had believed in him.

Recommended to: Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been bullied and/or anyone who has been a bully, basically everyone

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