Christopher Smith

Young Adult - Paranormal
Series Bullied #3

Now, in WITCH, Seth fully understands the power of the amulet as other amulets surface and he lays claim to them. Immediately, his power grows. Soon, a beautiful yet cunning witch named Anna appears to snatch the amulets away from Seth so her master can increase his own powers.

With Seth and Anna essentially equal in power, Seth must face his greatest enemy to date. She is ruthless. She will kill him to get what she wants. And she comes in triplets. Can he stop her? More pressing, does he have the courage to rise up against her and save himself as well as his friends, who also are in danger? In this book, nothing is certain. And worse for Seth, some things, when not watched, can be taken away forever.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? Seth’s sense of fair play

What I liked the Least? WTF – where did this come from

Review: Ok, I’m still reading but each book seems to drop a star. I don’t mind the addition of witches, but come on, get real. Become one with the amulet? I get that this coven is the quintessential Bully, but OMG, it starts to stretch the bounds of good writing.

Recommended to: Read the first one.

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