My Life in a Travel Trailer

In the fall of 2009 I felt like my world had fallen apart.

My marriage had imploded, but I was lucky because I had money in the bank, well at least what he hadn't stolen to keep himself stocked with drink, drugs & dames, and let's not forget unemployment. I decided that I needed out.

At first I took a month (and the dog) and moved (kinda) back home with my parents, so I could access what I wanted to do: divorce or counseling? move out of state or stay local? buy a house or get an apartment? I'm a big pro/con lister, so I had to have the time to just think about what I needed for me. What would make me happy? And while I was doing this inner soul searching, we got the devastating news about my mom. Colon cancer, 2 large masses, immediate surgery not just merely suggested but truly a necessity, if we wanted her to live beyond the next year. So my month at home, slowly but surely extended to 3 months.

By this time, I had come to the conclusion that I simply could not return to my marriage. All the trust & love was gone, demolished by the bad habits he claimed I forced on him, but I could not continue to live in my parents house. My schedule was completely different than theirs. I'm a certified night owl and work nights so that means I sleep during the day. While they have a more traditional "day". Yet I didn't want to try for an apartment clear across town because I wanted (well needed) to be close enough that I could still help out around the house, and there was no way I was going to afford one of the houses in the neighborhood. So I was out of options, living at home was my only choice or was it?

In my younger days I had often considered going the gypsy way. Getting a camper or motor home and traveling the US, could I do it? I researched the cost of motor homes, campers, travel trailers, and even building a mother in law type of apartment on my parents land. After all was said and done at 7 grand, a used travel trailer was probably my best choice. I talked it over with my Dad (Mom still being mostly out of it due to the meds she was taking) and made the decision to buy a used TT and set it up on their property. Because they live in the country I could do it without much tada.

And so in November of 09, I moved into my temporary home. I was only going to use it for 6 months or so I thought. Then my grandparents hit a rough patch & it just didn't make sense to move, because I wanted to be able to do for them. I took on the general errands (groceries, driving, etc) for them too, as I was already doing a lot of that for my parents any ways.  I have made some small changes to the actual trailer to give me a bit more room. I use the double bunk as storage (and the occasional bedroom for a borrowed teen). the TV is in the bedroom (white noise while I sleeping during the day). I've learned to cook on a gas stove top, but I still have issues using the oven (something about an open flame oven and a witch - I keep having flash backs to Hansel & Gretel). I also do a lot of crock pot cooking because it cuts down on the heat.

In 2011, I was still living in my travel trailer, divorce had been finalized and I was ready for a change. Started considering moving again. In April, Grandma took a real bad fall and landed in the hospital for an extended visit, then had to go into a Rehab facility, so I stuck it out and even added my BF to my little household. He quickly adapted to living small. Then because my Grandpa needed 24 hour care, he gave up his job to handle the night shift with him. We added a small patio to use as our living room and a flower garden to brighten things up. There's a bistro set for outdoor dining. A fire pit for chilly nights, and best of all a pair of comfy chairs he built for me. For a long time, I used the shower as a closet, but when BF moved in, he didn't feel right bathing down at my parents, so I had to clean out the clothes so the shower was usable yet again. We lost grandpa that year, but grandma is still going strong, yet she still needs someone to look after her 24 hours a day. So he continues to do home health work, so I was able to continue working.

In 2012, we put in a storage shed to store all the I can't give it ups, but I can't store it eithers. Mostly my books, because I am a true bibliophile. He started building a work shop so he has a place to manufacture bits & pieces of word working. I also started working from home, now answering the phone lines from a home based computer with an Internet connection.

I have the pleasure of occasionally being awoken during the afternoon hours by my adorable nephew when he escapes from his Mommy or Gee-Gee and wants to see Aunt Wi. During the holidays, I can slip home for a nap & not really miss out on any of the festivities. I have enjoyed this simpler way of life for going on 3 years now, and while there are times when the size gets to me, most of the time I still adore my little home.  Is it for everyone? No, but it can be a truly rewarding experience.

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  1. First of all it is not a bad idea to go back home with your parents but it is a shame sometimes to be honest and secondly everything well just worked out find you just don’t have to settle for less in every decision that you will have and make it count too… XOXO:D