2013 - Magic in the Making

This year I'm doing thing a little different, but don't expect a big blog overhaul cause it ain't happening.
Bentos ~ Well the kids at school were picking on LM, so I doubt you'll see many cute Bentos this year, but it may happen every now & again.
Book Reviews ~ New books will be reviewed & rereads will be included in the ongoing book list list.
Challenges ~ Well, I signed up for the 365 project so expect a picture a day (not sure what the topics are gonna be yet, maybe I'll pick up some suggestions some where along the line. I will also be doing the A-Z challenge.
Crafting/Hobbies ~ Crafts & hobbies are gonna be an on going thing, scrapbooking will be the main aspect.
Letters I'll Never Send ~ Randomized
Movie Reviews ~ If I watch a new release movie, I'll write up a quick review. There will be a movie list.
My Life ~ Since I wanna get healthier this year, I'm gonna be keeping up with this, I haven't decided what the schedule is yet.
Pictures ~ As stated above, I signed up for the 365 project, so you should see a picture a day. Not sure how accurate that's gonna be, but we are gonna try.
Witchy Stuff ~ Expect more on these labels - I'm revamping my spiritual side this year & with any luck it will show here. I would really like to do a years worth of thoughts & ideas.

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