Draggle Rock

Mini Challenge: Junior drag superstar pageant. Drag up some boy dolls and send them down the runway in teams of two!
  • Vaxeline Androxx Zoe ~ Detox & Roxxy ~ total wash out on the coloring white white doll & white dress, more fashionista than drag
  • Tina Lou Deveraux ~ Jinkz & Jade ~ pretty in red sparkles upholding the femininity
  • Watermelon Sunshine ~ Ivy & Vivienne ~ total cuteness in fairy time prettiness with a flipper
  • Savanah Lee ~ Alyssa & Honey ~ she is evidently participating in a natural pageant cause she is wearing a cute outfit with a message "World peace for all" and Shade Alert #1 when everyone is clapping for Savanah Lee Coco tells Monica "Don't do that"
  • Lil Pound Cake ~ Alaska & Linyesha ~ "You're not my real dad" realness, looking a bit like the Toddlers & Tiras mainstream stars in the glitz world well minus the birdie & the scrowl
  • Patty Park Place ~ Coco & Monica ~ washed out again, but this time the outfit is a cutie patootie Shade Alert #2 Coco heads right to the "Unlike Savanah she has completed" Damn that is one shady bitch!
Well Lil Pound Cake wins the pageant so Alaska & Linyesha get to divide the teams up.

Main Challenge: Create your own children's TV show
  • Team Alaska as Buffalo Bill’s Barnyard Buddies
    • Alaska ~ Buffalo Bill (out of drag might I add)
    • Detox ~ Clucky the Chicken ~ word of the day BOX! and HI-larious
    • Roxxy ~ Tasha Salad - added a lisp & totally rocked the funny!
    • Vivienne ~ Anita Bump ~ yawn!!! So totally over the fishy failure
    • Alyssa ~ Uncle Dick the cross dressing uncle just kinda stands there
    • Monica ~ OMG she couldn't even read her reading lines
  • Team Linyesha as The Magic Bush
    • Jinkz ~ The fairy hostess with the funniest bit
    • Jade ~ ok, she was cute, but to be honest Jinkz kinda stepped on her
    • Ivy ~ Banana split making in haute couture drag
    • Linyesha ~ translating the banana split into spanish - lateral translation with out the funny and FYI cherry is cereza not fresa
    • Honey ~ TeeTee - against Coco she was the shining star
    • Coco ~ Tiny the puppet and she was wooden just not in the good way
Really, the drama between Coco & Alyssa is over FaceBook?!?!?! WTF!!!!

Runway Think Pink:
  • Alaska ~ Carrie ala pink blood with a pink gun
  • Monica Beverly Hillz ~ pretty dress but she needs to loose the flower collar
  • Alyssa Edwards ~ such a stunning dress - total pink fashionista
  • Vivienne Pinay ~ ok, I'm over her fishyness - this was a drab outfit
  • Detox ~ fishnet dress and an ugly collar
  • Roxxy Andrews ~ pink mullet dress, not loving this one
  • Lineysha Sparx ~ could have been in a pageant
  • Jinks Monsoon ~ Maria Aquanet stunning
  • Coco Montrese ~ Lolita cutie! But cool it with the highlighter
  • Ivy Winters ~ Vegas show girl
  • Honey Mahogany ~ is that your sheet?
  • Jade Jolie ~ fishy realness, but a bit barbieish for my taste
  • Coco Montrese ~ Lolita cutie!
My Top 3 choices: Roxxy rocked it, Jinkz was the total package, Detox (for the Cluckie bit, but not so much the runway)
My Bottom 3 picks: Coco was a drag, Monica was a stuttering fool & Vivienne was flat

Challenge Winner: Detox (Wigs from New Attitude Wigs)

Bottom Two: Coco Montrese & Monica Beverly Hillz to "When I Grow Up"

Eliminated: Monica Beverly Hillz "Love all of u guys, And never be a victim -♡- Monica Beverly Hillz"

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