Book: A Celtic Witch

Debora Geary
Witchy Fiction
Fireweed Publishing / 2013
Series A Modern Witch #6

Cassidy Farrell is a world-class Celtic fiddler. And if she has her way, that's exactly who she'll stay.

Except that's not what the rocks have in mind. Or a certain fetching spell. Or the truth working its way free in her own heart.

Can the music, and perhaps a certain grumpy curmudgeon and his baby girl, help Cass find her life's new song?

I picked this book up because Serical!!!

What I liked the Most? I love the twisty issues with the baby

What I liked the Least? I'm not a fan of Marcus (maybe now I'll enjoy him more)

Review: Return to the lovely Fisher's Cove in Nova Scotia, by way of a traveling musician Cassidy. For 11 months of the year, she listens to her manager and plays all over the world (as long as she gets to play a dive) and for the other month she goes were the music soothes her soul and she can rejuvenate, not to mention listen to the rocks. As with every book it seems the magic is pulling for multiple reasons. Look forward to finding love & peace within the pages of this story.

What keeps me eagerly waiting for each book in the series (not to mention rereading them obsessively) is not just the well crafted characters, but feeling that I'm being sucked into the warmth of family that exudes from every page. It's not just the witchy side, but the true generosity and openness that all the characters share.

If I didn't already know that magic is all around us, these books would certainly open me to that possiblity.

Recommended to: Fans of the series, but really this shouldn't be a starting point. Every one of these books is not only a joy to read, but they teach wonderful life lessons in a world full of positive, supporting characters that are truly well written.

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