Book: Blue Hole Back Home

Joy Jordan-Lake
Historical Fiction
David C Cook / March 2008
Kindle / 320 Pages

"Sacred's not a word I've ever much liked. But maybe some things, and some places, just are. And maybe the Blue Hole was one of those things."

Shelby (nicknamed Turtle) never had any female friends. But when a mysterious girl from Sri Lanka moved to town in the summer of 1979, Turtle invited her to a secret haven: the Blue Hole. Turtle had no idea how much that simple gesture would affect the rest of her life, or the lives of those she loved.

In a time when America was technically well beyond the Civil Rights era, there were those in Turtle's small Appalachian town who rejected the presence of someone different. And in just one summer-in a collision of love, hate, jealousy, beauty, and a sacred, muddy swimming hole-nothing and everything changed.

I picked this book up because it was compared to my all time favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird

What I liked the Most? the writing is atounding

What I liked the Least? the hatred but it is a very central part of the story

Review: OMG, I could not even begin to give this story a review that is honest because my heart is still sad and heavy from the truths told in this amazing story. It is not an easy book to read, even for one raised in the south where the racism still abounds (on both sides of that racial fence might I add). But it is amazingly honest and raw in it's descriptive narrative.

Recommended to: Just read it and you will see

Best Quote: “You've had a tough crack at life, I'll give you that. But you don't got to let the bad thrown at you become the ugly you think you got to be.”

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