Book: A Lost Witch

Debora Geary
Witchy Fiction
Fireweed Publishing / 6-19-13
Kindle / 269 Pages
Series A Modern Witch

Hannah Kendrick has spent the last twelve years fighting for her sanity. And the doctor who has stood by her side has run out of options.

A small computer tracking spell will find Hannah—but can Witch Central save her?

This is the seventh and final book in the bestselling A Modern Witch series, but have no fear – your favorite characters will be back in September with the launch of the Witch Central series. Lots of witchy love, laughter, and tears yet to come :)

I picked this book up because Series!!!

What I liked the Most? Family family family

What I liked the Least? The awareness that people have been locked up for being a with

Review: OMG - it was so wonderful to come home to this wonderful family series. It warms my heart to check in with them, truly it does, but this book struck a major chord with me. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Geary’s books, you know it is the sense of community and love that I most enjoy in the books.

Recommended to: Fans of the series

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